Production-ready Kubernetes, in seconds

Managed Kubernetes built for speed and simplicity. From just $5 a month

  • Launch a cluster in under 90 seconds
  • Free control plane
  • Simplified, predictable billing

Increase the productivity of your development teams

Civo Kubernetes significantly reduces complexity, making it easy to build and manage your applications

Incredible launch times

Production-ready clusters up and running in under 90 seconds, so you can spend more time building cool stuff and less time waiting around.

Flexible automation tools

Choose your preferred way of managing your clusters, using your favourite tools like Terraform and Pulumi, or our simple to use CLI or API.

Developer-focused apps

Quickly deploy popular apps directly to your clusters. Choose from 80+ apps including databases, CI/CD, monitoring, security and more.

High availability as standard

We make managing Kubernetes easier. We handle the control plane to ensure you have highly available clusters you can rely on at all times.

Multi-region support

Choose from our ever-growing list of locations across the world. With regions in the US, UK, Germany and more to be announced soon.

Simple node management

Quickly and easily resize your Kubernetes clusters so that you can increase or decrease the amount of nodes as and when your business needs.

See how much you can save with Civo Kubernetes

Civo Kubernetes provides all of the core components of the control plane for free, ensuring your cluster's API and management is always available.

We charge only for the resources used by Kubernetes worker nodes and any additional paid addons like Persistent Volumes or Managed Databases.

See how much you can save with Civo versus other cloud providers*

Based on an equivalent size 3-node cluster with 200GB Persistent Volume and 5TB data transfer. Prices are per month

Civo Kubernetes logo
Civo Kubernetes g4s.kube.large
  • Compute: $480.00
  • Storage: $20.00
  • Control plane: Free
  • Data transfer: Free
Amazon (EKS) logo
Amazon (EKS) t4g.2xlarge
  • Compute: $588.66
  • Storage: $20.00
  • Control plane: $73.00
  • Data transfer: $460.80
Total: $1,142.46
Google GKE logo
Google GKE e2-standard-8
  • Compute: $587.01
  • Storage: $24.00
  • Control plane: $71.60
  • Data transfer: $425.00
Total: $1,107.61
Microsoft (AKS) logo
Microsoft (AKS) d8 v5
  • Compute: $840.96
  • Storage: $38.02
  • Control plane: Free
  • Data transfer: $399.60
Total: $1,278.58

* Prices are correct as of 24th January 2022. Free tiers or offers are excluded from this comparison. Data transfer refers to egress data charges.

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Kubernetes in seconds

Powered by our custom-built CivoStack platform, you can get a production-ready Kubernetes environment up and running in under 90 seconds.

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Manage your clusters with ease

Get full control over your Kubernetes environment with our APi and CLI, or use our custom-built control panel

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Find out how Marino and the team make the most out of Civo Kubernetes with it's blazing fast speed for all their development and testing needs.

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