Cloud GPU-powered compute and Kubernetes

High-performance GPUs for machine learning, scientific computing, and generative AI.

  • Powered by industry gold standard NVIDIA 80GB A100 GPUs
  • Zero vendor lock-in, ensuring a seamless workflow
  • Transparent pricing for cost-optimized budgeting and fair access
  • Plug and play for smooth integration into your existing infrastructure
  • Scale effortlessly from startup to enterprise
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Accelerate your ML and AI projects

From single GPU Compute Instances to scalable GPU Kubernetes clusters.

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GPU Kubernetes clusters

The adaptability of Kubernetes meets GPU firepower. Designed for vast datasets and intricate models. Offering easy scalability and ROI by supporting multiple GPUs efficiently.

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GPU Compute instances

Compute instances powered by our NVIDIA GPUs. Perfect for individual workloads and experiments, machine learning model testing, and graphics rendering.

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Cloud GPUs the Civo way

At Civo we're cloud native “all the way down”. We don't rely on legacy infrastructure for our custom-built stack. This means you get a streamlined developer experience, with industry-leading hardware, at a fair price.

Cloud GPU pricing

You can launch NVIDIA GPUs on our Compute and Kubernetes services directly via our dashboard or CLI.

Nvidia GPU pricing

Nvida pricing
Size RAM CPU Storage Data Transfer Price
1 x NVidia A100 - 80GB
128 GB 12 Cores 100GB NVMe 6 TB
$1,600per month
2 x NVidia A100 - 80GB
256 GB 24 Cores 100GB NVMe 8 TB
$3,200per month
4 x NVidia A100 - 80GB
512 GB 48 Cores 100GB NVMe 10 TB
$6,400per month
Extra Large
8 x NVidia A100 - 80GB
1024 GB 96 Cores 100GB NVMe 12 TB
$12,800per month

Go green with our Deep Green GPUs

Leverage the power of eco-friendly GPUs Civo, in collaboration with Deep Green, offers you a sustainable cloud computing solution.

  • Sustainable solution

    Run workloads on 100% renewable energy systems.

  • Zero carbon heat

    90% of server heat benefits community projects.

  • Competitive pricing

    Green switch at constant prices.

  • Efficient use

    Dual-purpose waste heat for cloud and community.

Find more about Deep Green GPUs

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of GPUs are available?

Our compute instances and Kubernetes clusters are powered by the NVIDIA A100 GPU, boasting 312+ TFLOPS of FP16 performance, 1,248 Tensor cores, and 80GB of HBM2e memory. This GPU is a game-changer, offering unparalleled computational power and massive memory capacity. As a result, you benefit from optimized performance, more efficient resource utilization, cost savings, and an enhanced service, making it suitable for diverse tasks such as machine learning model testing, Large language Modeling (LLMs) and graphics rendering.

What are the use cases for Civo Cloud GPUs?

Leverage the power of NVIDIA GPUs to excel in a variety of projects. Whether you need single GPU instances for tasks like AI model training and high-performance computing, or scalable GPU Kubernetes clusters for handling complex machine learning models and large datasets, Civo Cloud GPUs offer unparalleled performance and versatility.

How do I get started with Civo Cloud GPUs?

For new users, sign up and receive $250 in free credits. Existing users can simply launch their Cloud GPU via the dashboard or CLI.

How do I integrate Cloud GPUs into my existing workflow?

Civo offers plug-and-play integration and easy configuration, ensuring users familiar with our existing instance services feel right at home. With our setup, it's effortless to scale from startup to hyperscale without any vendor lock-in.