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Mark Boost  08 Apr, 2021

Funding update: $840k secured and more to come

We're excited to formally announce we’ve fully secured $840,000 as part of phase one of our total $2.8m seed funding round for CIvo.

Andy Jeffries  30 Mar, 2021

It's official - Civo Kubernetes is certified by CNCF

We're really proud to announce that we have been accepted by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) as a conformant Certified Kubernetes provider for our v1.20 Civo Kubernetes product based on k3s.

Mark Boost  22 Mar, 2021

Civo is coming out of beta! Everything you need to know

After a 20 month-long beta which has seen a 4,000+ strong community help us shape our Kubernetes product; we are now preparing for our GA launch.

Andy Jeffries  08 Feb, 2021

New year, New York, new CivoStack

We announce the long-awaited custom Civo platform, that we're calling CivoStack. Built from the ground up to serve cloud-native computing needs, it is a Kubernetes-based platform for the future.

Kai Hoffman  30 Dec, 2020

Top Cloud-Native Guides for 2020

Some of our top cloud-native guides for the year gone by, drawn both from guides published on our site and around the web by our community of users

Andy Jeffries  23 Dec, 2020

2020 Recap from a CTO's Perspective

To wrap up the year, I thought I'd put together some of the most significant developments in our company from a CTO perspective, and how they stand us looking forward into the next year.

Kai Hoffman  09 Dec, 2020

Introducing KubeQuest: The fastest way to learn the basics of Kubernetes on Civo

KubeQuest aims to present the processes and tooling of running Kubernetes on our managed platform in a concise way, as an adventure.

Saiyam Pathak  14 Oct, 2020

Our 2021 community-driven roadmap

Here's how 2021 is shaping up for Civo, and how my new role as Director of Technical Evangelism is helping to bridge the gap between our community and roadmap.

Ricky Law  08 Oct, 2020

Civo Community Meetup #3: App Marketplace Focus w/ Steve Miller and Jürgen Etzlstorfer

This community meetup took a deeper look into how the Civo marketplace can improve your Kubernetes workflows.

Andy Jeffries  05 Oct, 2020

Tales from the ups and downs of running a cloud

Our first episode takes us back to the early days of launching Civo, where we had a fledgeling Ceph cluster with a bunch of SSDs in each. Those were darker times, in the early days of OpenStack.