UK Sovereign Cloud: the secure foundation for your digital future

Protecting your most vital asset: your data.

The case for a UK sovereign cloud

Clarity: unlike most clouds, a UK sovereign cloud is only ever subject to UK law. This avoids the legal ambiguity and risks of exposing your data to foreign jurisdictions.

Compliance: sovereign cloud providers support some of the UK's most highly regulated industries, and must comply with rigorous security standards and complex regulation. This gives you peace of mind for your most sensitive and business critical data.

Safety: geopolitical tensions and international conflicts are causing many industries, in many nations, to consider sovereign clouds first. A UK sovereign cloud keeps your data geographically bounded in the UK, reducing geopolitical risk and increasing customer trust.

Growth: choosing a UK sovereign cloud strengthens the UK’s digital economy, increases the UK’s digital resilience and creates jobs within the UK. You keep the economic benefit of your business here in the UK.

Sovereign UK cloud, the Civo way

Meet the highest security standards

Civo Sovereign Cloud has rigorous security controls that are quick and easy to implement, keeping your data safe and secure in a trusted environment

Compliance by default

Civo Sovereign Cloud is only ever subject to UK law. Civo Sovereign Cloud will help you navigate and stay compliant with complex regulations and industry requirements.

Stay in control of your cloud

Civo Sovereign Cloud iImproves the visibility and audibility of your cloud activities. Your data never leaves the UK so you don't have to worry about where your data might be and who might be accessing it.

Unlock the power of your data

Civo Sovereign Cloud allows you to easily share your data with other trusted organisations, all within the jurisdiction of the UK.

Futureproof your business

Civo Sovereign Cloud removes the complexities of having to comply with multiple legal jurisdictions and reduces the risks of international threats and geopolitical impacts.

Support the UK economy and fuel innovation

Civo Sovereign Cloud is a UK business headquartered in the UK. Customers that choose Civo Sovereign Cloud are supporting and growing the UK's digital economy and capabilities and helping to secure our digital future.

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What is the sovereign cloud?

The term “sovereign cloud” is used to describe a cloud infrastructure that upholds the principles of “data sovereignty”. There are many definitions for “sovereign cloud” and “data sovereignty”. The most accurate definition, means maintaining authority and control of data within the jurisdictional boundaries of one nation.

In broader terms, it means that data stored in a sovereign cloud is only subject to the legal protections and laws of the country in which the data resides, hosted by a cloud provider that is registered and headquartered in the country where the data resides, where the data is never sent off-shore for processing or support.

Data residency versus data sovereignty, and why it matters

There is increasing global interest in and adoption of sovereign cloud, as nations and industries alike seek to take control of their data and digital infrastructure. The global cloud industry has responded and there are many “sovereign” cloud solutions on the market, including those provided by the US hyperscalers.

To understand the characteristics of a sovereign cloud, it is important to understand the differences and nuances between data residency, offered by many cloud providers, badged as “sovereign” cloud solution, and genuine data sovereignty.

Data residency ensures your data remains within a defined geographical location. Nonetheless, if the cloud provider offering data residency is subject to another legal jurisdiction (as is the case with the US hyper-scalers), the data that the cloud provider is storing and processing will also be subject to the other legal jurisdiction.

Data sovereignty goes much further. Customer data is always kept in a defined geographical location, hosted by a cloud provider that is only ever subject to the laws of that geographical location. This guarantees that the customer's data is only subject to the laws of the defined geographical location.

Understanding the differences between data residency and data sovereignty enable you to make an informed decision about your data and, ultimately, whether foreign governments could access your data, despite it being physically stored and handled beyond their borders. For example, the US Cloud Act means that US law enforcement can compel US-based tech companies to provide customer data stored anywhere in the world. This is not only problematic for regulatory compliance, such as data protection law. The US Cloud Act has the potential to undermine customer trust and is one of the reasons for the growing popularity and importance of genuine sovereign cloud solutions.

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