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Other than the Civo dashboard, there are three main ways developers and ops teams can use Civo services - and all three are much more developer friendly, allowing you to script solutions


We built a custom REST interface - indeed our own website uses the same API calls that you can make, ensuring all our API endpoints work for real world use cases.

For example, to create an instance using our REST API, you would do this:

There are also officially supported client libraries available for Ruby and Go, as well as community supported libraries for Python and a cross-language Haxe version.

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If declarative infrastructure is your thing, we have our own Terraform provider (currently in beta).

You can then ensure your infrastructure matches this .tf file with terraform plan then terraform apply.

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Many developers use the CLI over a web UI for most of their work, so we’ve custom built our own so you can create and manage Civo resources. The CLI is in constant development, and we have just released a new version which has customisable output for easier scripting.

The CLI has built-in help by running “civo help” for general help or “civo help [command]” for help on a given command/resource, e.g. instances.

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