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Find out how our customers are using Civo Kubernetes in the real world

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“The proof of concept was a huge success, not only were they able to meet our 5 key objectives for security, reliability performance and scalability - they also exceeded our expectations when it came to demonstrating the ease of using their platform and how fast you can launch a fully operational Kubernetes cluster compared to rival providers."

Oliver Pinson-Roxbough  /  Co-Founder
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Civo shorts

Take a quickfire look at why developers and businesses are choosing Civo for their cloud native needs.

Why Civo is "the most cost-efficient choice"

Find out how Marino and the team make the most out of Civo Kubernetes with its blazing fast speed for all their development and testing needs.

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Civo isn't overwhelming, like some other cloud providers

We speak to David Flanagan,developer advocate at Pulumi, to find out why he uses Civo for his testing environment.

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How Civo compares to DigitalOcean and Linode

We speak to Viktor Farcic, Developer Advocate at Upbound to discuss why Civo is his go-to provider for his Crossplane demos.

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How the Pyroscope team works faster with Civo Kubernetes

Ryan Perry, CEO and cofounder of Pyroscope, tells us how he and his team uses Civo Kubernetes to work faster and set up test environments in seconds.

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How Suborbital utilises K3s features with Civo

Learn how Suborbital utilises K3s features with Civo to achieve super fast cluster launch times for testing, load balancing, and more in this interview with Connor Hicks.

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Why the creators of K3ai use Civo Kubernetes

Alessandro Festa, Sr. PM on AI @SUSE shares how K3ai makes use of Civo's speed & simplicity. We also spoke about the challenges that Civo helps them overcome.

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Benefits of switching to Civo Kubernetes - Keptn case studys

We look at how Keptn use Civo to simplify and speed up their day-to-day cloud native development in this talk with app maintainer Jürgen Etzlstorfer.

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How Okteto uses Civo for Kubernetes workloads

Find out what Ramiro from Okteto said about their use cases when using Civo and why it has become their preferred cloud provider.

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