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“The proof of concept was a huge success, not only were they able to meet our 5 key objectives for security, reliability performance and scalability - they also exceeded our expectations when it came to demonstrating the ease of using their platform and how fast you can launch a fully operational Kubernetes cluster compared to rival providers."

Oliver Pinson-Roxbough  /  Co-Founder
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Civo Shorts

Take a quickfire look at why other businesses and organizations are choosing Civo for their cloud native needs

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Keptn, created by Dynatrace, is an open source tool for cloud-native application life-cycle orchestration. App maintainer Jürgen Etzlstorfer and his team use the CIvo CLI in conjunction with the Civo marketplace to quickly launch clusters with Keptn as part of the installation.

Jürgen explains “Because the cluster launch time is so fast, Civo is great for temporary development environments. This means no longer need to leave clusters up and running, I can spin them up and down on demand”.

Civo’s simplified billing model also is a big win for the Keptn project, Jürgen continues “I love how simple Civo is when it comes to billing. I always know exactly, right now, what the cost of my clusters will be at the end of the month”.

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Okteto is a Kubernetes development platform. The team at Okteto need access to production-ready Kubernetes environments at the drop of a hat. They use Civo to launch testing and staging environments in just 90 seconds - saving valuable time and resources.

Ramiro Berrelleza, CEO at Okteto says: “Civo is incredibly fast, it takes a minute or two to spin up a Kubernetes cluster - that’s up to five times faster than other providers such as Google Cloud and AWS. This really helps us at Okteto with testing and iteration to identify any issues quickly.”

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K3ai is a lightweight, fully automated, AI infrastructure-in-a-box solution that allows anyone to experiment quickly with Kubeflow pipelines. The team behind K3ai use Civo Kubernetes in several different ways, including rapid deployment of staging environments for A/B testing, and easy scaling of clusters for benchmarking training modules.

Alessandro Festa, product manager at SUSE and co-creator of K3ai goes on to explain “We’ve used other cloud services before, but we found the complexity of these platform.