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"Our experience with Civo has been fantastic. The best part is their availability. You just send a mail, and they're ready to address all your queries with a call."

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Sudhir Singh  /  Co-Founder
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"For us, Civo reduced our cloud spend by about 80% while increasing our operational efficiency... enabling our developers to focus more on innovation."

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Colin Griffin  /  CEO & Principal Engineer
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"...When infrastructure is very hard to set up, there's a tendency in organizations to leave environments running for a very long time... So, with Civo, we were able to ensure developers are not held back by infrastructure."

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Narayan Sainaney  /  Co-Founder & CTO
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"...we've had many conversations over time with engineers at Civo to make sure that we were using the GPU in the most effective way."

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Matt Butcher  /  Co-Founder
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"The dedication and expertise of Civo's support team have been standout. They've been instrumental in helping us navigate any challenges, always with a focus on our long-term success."

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Anuraag Gutgutia  /  Founder
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"The guidance and support we received from Civo was exceptional. They helped us affirm that Kubernetes was indeed the right path for us,”... “Their engineers didn't just offer solutions; they took the time to understand our needs and tailor their support to our specific challenges."

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Sam Simpson  /  Chief Executive Officer
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"Civo are not reactive to our problems, they are ahead of them - when we have questions or issues they are very quick to support us. It helps us quickly figure out if what we're doing isn't right or if there is perhaps an issue we need support with"

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Garry Paxinos  /  Co-Founder
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"The proof of concept was a huge success, not only were they able to meet our 5 key objectives for security, reliability performance and scalability - they also exceeded our expectations when it came to demonstrating the ease of using their platform and how fast you can launch a fully operational Kubernetes cluster compared to rival providers"

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Oliver Pinson-Roxbough  /  Co-Founder
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Why Civo is the
“most cost-efficient choice”

Find out how Marino and the team make the most out of Civo Kubernetes with it's blazing fast speed for all their development and testing needs.

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