How Civo can help you with lightning fast demos

Founded in 2018, Garden set out to provide developers with the tools required to get back into coding within the cloud-native era. Tao Hansen is a Developer Advocate at Garden working to keep developers free from distractions. When we spoke to Tao about his experience with Civo, he outlined the ways that Garden and Civo are able to work together through the Developer Advocate Demo Program which allows users to power their demos and work closely with Civo to help their organization.

Garden uses Kubernetes clusters to run their enterprise cloud product for users looking for a more managed experience, and also for clients who want to take advantage of some of their paid tier offerings. Tao explained how they came to use Civo by saying, “I got started using Civo just because I thought it was really exciting technology… I was intrigued by the hardware that Civo was leading the way on and the fact that they were using k3s which is a lightweight version of Kubernetes”.

Describing why they felt Civo was the right choice in the end, Tao outlined how, “we're not going to go to AWS because their clusters take half an hour to spin up… I have found that Civo's k3s clusters spin up very quickly which is perfect for Developer Advocates like myself. I typically take advantage of this during a talk where we are going to get some code running; the first step of which is usually getting a cluster running quickly”.

Other features of Civo that Tao commented on were the Marketplace and Civo Academy which allowed Tao to get to grips with Kubernetes, “Developers anywhere on their lifecycle journey with Kubernetes can learn through Civo Academy - it allows you to just spin up a cluster, and choose what applications it comes with right out of the box with their app Marketplace”.

Tao also summed up his thoughts on the Civo developer advocate program: “I am really excited to see how Civo and the Developer Advocates at Garden can work together. I want to help get Civo out there in front of eyeballs and get up on stage and talk about how Civo is empowering us to make lightning quick demos”.

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