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Cloud native, simplified for business

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Cloud made easy

Setup should be easy. We've listened to real user feedback from our community to simplify the developer experience.

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Predictable pricing

Our billing model has been designed from scratch for cloud native - only pay for the resources you need, with no surprises.

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Superfast launch times

Deploy clusters and instances in under 90 seconds. Speed up and simplify your development cycles.

See how much you can save with Civo Kubernetes

Civo Kubernetes provides all of the core components of the control plane for free, ensuring your cluster's API and management is always available.

We charge only for the resources used by Kubernetes worker nodes and any additional paid addons like Persistent Volumes or Managed Databases.

See how much you can save with Civo versus other cloud providers*

Based on an equivalent size 3-node cluster with 200GB Persistent Volume and 5TB data transfer. Prices are per month

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Civo Kubernetes g4s.kube.large
  • Compute: $480.00
  • Storage: $20.00
  • Control plane: Free
  • Data transfer: Included
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Amazon (EKS) t4g.2xlarge
  • Compute: $588.66
  • Storage: $20.00
  • Control plane: $73.00
  • Data transfer: $460.80
Total: $1,142.46
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Google GKE e2-standard-8
  • Compute: $587.01
  • Storage: $24.00
  • Control plane: $71.60
  • Data transfer: $425.00
Total: $1,107.61
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Microsoft (AKS) d8 v5
  • Compute: $840.96
  • Storage: $38.02
  • Control plane: Free
  • Data transfer: $399.60
Total: $1,278.58

* Prices are correct as of 24th January 2022. Free tiers or offers are excluded from this comparison. Data transfer refers to egress data charges..

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Simplify development and reduce infrastructure costs


Blazing fast, simplified, managed Kubernetes. Host your applications and scale as and when you need, with 90 second a cluster launch time and free control plane.

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Enterprise-class compute instances powered by Kubernetes. With multi-region support, DDoS protection, bandwidth pooling and all the developer tools you need.

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Effortlessly set up and scale managed databases straight from your Civo dashboard or via our developer API. Scale up and down as you need, and only pay for what you use.

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Why Civo is the
“most cost-efficient choice”

Find out how Marino and the team make the most out of Civo Kubernetes with it's blazing fast speed for all their development and testing needs.

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