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About FounderCatalyst

FounderCatalyst Ltd offers specialized legal paperwork and investor signing management for UK startups. With three years of steady growth, FounderCatalyst has positioned itself as an essential service for new ventures navigating the complexities of startup funding.

The problem

FounderCatalyst needed a hosting solution that could keep up with their meticulous and secure service demands. Their growth was hampered by their previous platform, due to high costs and limited automation capabilities within their infrastructure—elements critical for a company facilitating legal processes for startups.


FounderCatalyst was in search of a cloud provider that could meet the following key objectives:

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Cost-effective solutions

As a service for startups, it was imperative to maintain a lean operation without compromising on quality or security.

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Uncompromised reliability

To ensure that their services were always accessible, reflecting the dependable nature of their business.

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Technical support expertise

The company required responsive and knowledgeable technical support to maintain uptime and address any issues swiftly.

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How Civo helped

As FounderCatalyst searched for a modernized infrastructure management solution, they discovered Civo's Kubernetes platform. Civo's focused approach to cloud-native technologies and its specialized Kubernetes service caught the attention of FounderCatalyst's CEO, Sam Simpson.

Simpson said, “We were navigating through a sea of cloud providers, looking for someone who didn't just offer technology but understood the unique challenges a startup like ours faced. Civo's Kubernetes platform appeared to be the beacon we needed.”

Civo provided a hands-on proof of concept that demonstrated the simplicity and agility of its Kubernetes clusters. The Civo team established a direct channel for communication, enabling real-time support and collaboration. This level of support was instrumental in smoothing the transition from Heroku to Civo.

“The guidance and support we received from Civo was exceptional. They helped us affirm that Kubernetes was indeed the right path for us,” Simpson reflected. “Their engineers didn't just offer solutions; they took the time to understand our needs and tailor their support to our specific challenges."

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Civo's assistance went beyond the technical aspects. Their customer-centric approach provided FounderCatalyst with the confidence to proceed with the migration. The Civo team worked closely with FounderCatalyst, ensuring a seamless transition and providing continuous optimization post-deployment.

Simpson appreciated this, stating, “The transition to Civo was more than just a change of platform—it was an upgrade to our entire operational philosophy. Civo's Kubernetes expertise was evident, and their proactive support made a significant difference.”

The collaboration between Civo and FounderCatalyst did not end with the successful deployment. Civo's support and engineering teams continued to be involved, assisting with optimizations and ensuring that the infrastructure scaled efficiently alongside FounderCatalyst's growth.

“One of the things that stood out to us was Civo's genuine commitment to our success. They were not just a service provider; they were a partner in our growth, invested in ensuring that our infrastructure scaled with us,” said Simpson.

Throughout the process, FounderCatalyst benefited from Civo's transparent pricing, which eliminated the uncertainty that often comes with scaling cloud services. "With Civo, we were able to forecast our expenses and scale without any surprises. This level of predictability is invaluable for a startup managing tight budgets," added Simpson.

FounderCatalyst's journey with Civo illustrates a partnership built on mutual understanding and shared goals. Civo's targeted approach to Kubernetes hosting provided FounderCatalyst with a robust, scalable solution that matched their need for speed and efficiency.

“One of the things that stood out to us was Civo's genuine commitment to our success. They were not just a service provider; they were a partner in our growth, invested in ensuring that our infrastructure scaled with us”

Sam Simpson
Chief Executive Officer, Founder Catalyst
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By moving to Civo, FounderCatalyst saw their site page load times halve, significantly improving their user experience and enhancing their professional image. This has had a direct positive impact on customer perception and business growth.

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Products and tools used

FounderCatalyst utilized several Civo services to achieve their objectives:


  • Transitioning to Civo Kubernetes allowed for better automation, scaling, and reliability. The company benefited from the platform's rapid cluster launch times, which facilitated a more efficient CI/CD process.

Persistent Volumes

  • The shift to Civo's Persistent Volumes enhanced data resiliency and removed the need for direct storage management by the FounderCatalyst team.

Teams Feature

  • Essential for managing access controls, ensuring team members had the necessary permissions without compromising security or functionality.

CLI and Terraform Provider

  • These tools were critical during the proof of concept phase and beyond, allowing for rapid deployment and configuration of services.
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