About us

Civo’s vision is simple. To create a flexible cloud platform created by developers, for developers. We think you should spend less of your time managing environments and hosting platforms, and more time coding – after all, that’s what we always wanted.

We’ve had no big venture capital investment, with nobody at the top who doesn’t have experience in the dev-ops field. We’re a 100% grass-fed, free range, organically grown cloud platform, and that’s how we like it.

If you think the same way and want to join the growing Civo team, head on over to our careers page.

There are companies out there offering all possible features and services and have lost track of truly supporting a single market properly, trying to offer every possible feature and overwhelming everyone with choices and clutter. So, we've decided to focus on a market that is just the same as us.

Andy Jeffries

Civo CTO

We don't have VC funding for our start-up, as we wouldn't want those (non-dev) types to influence our vision or force us to change course if they feel we're not on track. We are going to stay true to our vision and the community we build.

Mark Boost

Civo CEO

Meet the team

  • Andy CTO
  • Mark CEO
  • Grant Cloud lead
  • Kai Junior developer
  • James Web designer
  • Barry CMO
  • Ricky Community manager

The Civo community

But Civo isn’t about us, it’s about you – it’s about our community of devs from all over the world that use Civo to not only test and deploy their apps, but to converse and share their knowledge.