About us

Our Story

Civo was born when our small team first came together to create an OpenStack-based cloud for a shared hosting provider. Riding high on that success, the fledgling team formally became Civo and quickly saw an opportunity for a community-led, developer-focused cloud platform.

In 2017 the Civo Club 100 beta was launched, with 100 fantastic testers from all over globe contributing to shape the first iteration of our platform – providing a fast, reliable IaaS solution with a strong community focus. The idea and the vision were there, but entering an already crowded market and competing against some major players was really challenging for a small start-up with a modest budget.

However, it wasn’t long before Kubernetes caught our attention – specifically Rancher’s K3s distribution. It was a great fit for our goal of creating a quick and easy platform for developers to integrate with their CI/CD and edge scenarios.

Civo Club100 logo
Civo Kube100 logo

In 2019 we went all in and took Civo in a new direction, launching the world’s first K3s-powered, managed Kubernetes service into beta.

Our beta has been a massive success (learn more about our progress here), with a thriving community of passionate Kubernetes users; from beginners to battle-hardened k8s veterans.

Our community, as we hoped, have been pivotal to the evolution of the beta and have provided invaluable feedback, a lot of which has resulted in tangible change to our offering.

The Civo vision

Our vision is simple; to create a flexible cloud platform created by developers, for developers.

We think you should spend less time managing environments and hosting platforms, and more time coding – after all, that’s what we always wanted.

If you think the same way you might be a great fit for our team, head on over to our careers page.

There are companies out there offering all possible features and services and have lost track of truly supporting a single market properly, trying to offer every possible feature and overwhelming everyone with choices and clutter. So, we've decided to focus on a market that is just the same as us.

Andy Jeffries

Civo CTO

We believe in putting our community at the heart of everything we do, which is why our roadmap is heavily influenced by suggestions from our users.

Mark Boost

Civo CEO

Meet the team


CTO (Co-Founder)
Ruby on Rails specialist (plus other technologies) summoning the bit and bytes of Civo to materialise from in the cloud.


CEO (Co-Founder)
A developer 20+ years ago, no time to code nowadays but still a techie at heart. I enjoy inspiring the team to innovate and deliver a WOW customer experience.


CMO (Co-Founder)
Been part of Civo since day one. I've a passion for customer-centric marketing... and an unhealthy caffeine addiction!


HR Manager
I am passionate about coaching and developing people to help them reach their full potential. At the end of the day, a community is only as strong as its people.


Site Reliability Engineer
I help design and build our cloud platforms. I love working with open source software, and having the freedom to do so whilst bringing your ideas to life is great.


Site Reliability Engineer
I helped build the first iteration of the Civo cloud and am passionate about our focus on innovation to advance our services.


Cloud Developer
Cross-functional dev, skilled in coding and server and software monitoring. Hobbies include (but not limited to) pizza.


Cloud Developer
I started with k8s with v 1.4. Since then, k8s is life. I was a "CTO" and "Lead Engineer" but always a fan of tech.


Developer Advocate
I work across the whole stack, and love that due to the cloud-native way we work we can deploy changes quickly and easily.


Director of Technical Evangelism
Multi-cloud specialist focussing on creating the Civo cloud platform to provide simplified Kubernetes as a service.


Web Developer
Open source contributor, international author, tech speaker, have experience with SaaS based micro services using k8s with helm charts. Wear multiple hats.


Web Developer
I'm passionate about open source softwares, cloud technologies, automations and DevOps. I run a K3s Raspberry Pi cluster at home as my Kubernetes playground.


My aim is to give Civo users a great user experience without compromising the design. 90% fuelled by redbull.


Community Manager
Community bringer "togetherer" and general marketing person. Drinker of tea. Very strong, plenty of milk, no sugar.