About Civo

Shaped by our community. Striving for a better developer experience.

Our story

Civo was born from a team who already had over a decade worth of experience in the hosting and data centre sector. Back in 2018 we were building a cloud platform for a UK hosting provider, when we saw the need for a community-led cloud platform, focussing on Kubernetes. Born from necessity - this was the start of Civo.

We quickly turned our attention to Rancher Lab’s K3s – the lightweight Kubernetes distribution – and realised it was a great fit for our goal of creating a quick and easy platform for developers to integrate with their CI/CD and edge scenarios.

So in 2019 we launched the world’s first K3s-powered, managed Kubernetes service into beta.

The beta was a huge success (learn more about our progress here), with a thriving community of passionate Kubernetes users; from beginners to battle-hardened k8s veterans.

Ever since then our community and ambassadors have been pivotal to the evolution of Civo and have constantly helped drive the direction of our Kubernetes service.

Civo Kubernetes logo with circular vector icons surrounding it

Civo flag at the top of a mountain vector shape

What we stand for

Civo isn’t just a Kubernetes platform. It’s a community, and it’s a vision of how we think cloud industry should be.

We’re on a mission to help simplify Kubernetes and make it more accessible for developers of all levels.

Our goal has always been to develop a simplified, open cloud platform shaped by a global community in an ethical and transparent manner, while empowering positive social and environmental change.

Our values

Always innovate

We find innovative and creative ways to solve our user’ problems with simplicity in mind.

Act with integrity

We speak honestly to our users and colleagues alike, and ensure our actions match our words.

Achieve excellence

We take pride in our work, always striving to do our best and deliver the highest standards.

Support each other

We build and maintain an encouraging, fun and supportive relationship with both our staff and wider community.

Stay positive

We start each day enthusiastic and full of positive energy to drive us forward.

Meet the team

Just a few of the people that help make Civo what it is

Gradient background blur Andy avatar
CTO (Co-Founder)
Gradient background blur Mark avatar
CEO (Co-Founder)
Gradient background blur Sam avatar
HR Manager
Gradient background blur Dinesh avatar
Director of Innovation
Gradient background blur Alex avatar
Principal Engineer
Gradient background blur Grant avatar
Site Reliability Engineer
Gradient background blur Ian avatar
Site Reliability Engineer
Gradient background blur Anaïs avatar
Site Reliability Engineer
Gradient background blur Alejandro avatar
Cloud Developer
Gradient background blur David avatar
Cloud Developer
Gradient background blur Kai avatar
Developer Advocate
Gradient background blur Saiyam avatar
Director of Technical Evangelism
Gradient background blur Tahsin avatar
Web Developer
Gradient background blur Zulh avatar
Web Developer
Gradient background blur Kunal avatar
Developer Advocacy Intern
Gradient background blur James avatar
Gradient background blur Ricky avatar
Community Manager

We’re currently in our early access phase

We’re limiting access to Civo ahead of our full launch. Apply now for early access.