Frankfurt region now live

We’re happy to announce that our new mainland Europe datacenter region in Frankfurt, Germany is now live and ready for use by all Civo customers. This will sit alongside our existing New York City and London regions, with a location in India planned by the end of this year, and more in 2022.

Civo already serves developers in over 130 countries worldwide, with Germany making up almost 5% of our user base. This and the fact that a sizable chunk of our customers are based within the European Union, it made perfect sense to choose Frankfurt as our next region.

Andy Jeffries, our CTO and Co-founder explains further:

“Our new Frankfurt location will provide companies in Germany and mainland Europe with a lower latency connection to our cutting-edge cloud native hosting service.

CivoStack, the custom-built technology behind our Kubernetes platform brings not only immense speed avantages, with cluster launch times consistently around 90 seconds, but also the simplicity of a managed CNCF-compliant Kubernetes service powered by K3s.

CivoStack is built using Open Compute Project technology, which allows for amazing density per rack, without the need for an individual power supply for each server. This equates to a big energy saving as we strive to reduce our carbon footprint - something critical for the future of the cloud industry.

The new Frankfurt region (FRA1) is now available for deployment for Kubernetes clusters and compute nodes, for all customers, straight from your Civo dashboard and CLI.

Stay tuned for more region updates soon!