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Saiyam Pathak

Academy course creator Saiyam is Director of Technical Evangelism at Civo as well as a CNCF and Traefik Ambassador. CKA/CKAD/CKS certified, he’s on a personal mission to simplify Kubernetes and make it more accessible for developers.

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Kunal Kushwaha

Dev Advocate at Civo and CNCF Ambassador, Kunal also runs his own YouTube channel, which provides guidance and mentorship to students starting their careers in the DevOps and Cloud Native space.

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Kai Hoffman

Kai is a developer advocate and web developer at Civo. With us since our beta period, Kai has worked closely with our community to help fine-tune our Kubernetes platform and make using Civo a better experience for developers of all kinds.

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Alex Jones

Alex is TAG App Delivery Technical Lead for the CNCF, ambassador for the Continuous Delivery Foundation and ambassador for the DevOps Institute. He is also the creator of Cloud Native Skunkworks - a YouTube channel dedicated to cloud native education.

Blury background with gradient Anaïs Avatar

Anaïs Urlichs

With experience in both the DevRel and SRE spaces, Anaïs is a CNCF Ambassador. When she is not advocating DevOps best practices, she runs her own YouTube channel centered around cloud native technologies.

Our Kubernetes courses

Before Kubernetes
4 videos
26 mins
Discover the basics required to understand Kubernetes from the ground up, including a primer on Linux and Docker which acts as a quick refresher for people who are already familiar with them and helpful for anyone getting started.
Kubernetes introduction
8 videos
15 mins
In this section we discuss Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) Landscape, what exactly Kubernetes is and the problems it aims to solve, and where K3s fits into this.
Kubernetes concepts
8 videos
17 mins
Learn about the Kubernetes and K3s architectures and how they differ. We’ll also cover the high-level concepts such as Kubernetes objects, namespaces, labels and selectors.
Kubernetes setup
7 videos
49 mins
You’ll learn how to get Kubernetes set up locally, installing and using Kubectl - the k8s command line tool. Plus we’ll look at minikube, kubeadm and containerd, as well as Civo Kubernetes cluster administration and our CLI.
Kubernetes objects
13 videos
71 mins
This thorough course looks at all the must-know objects you’ll encounter when managing your Kubernetes infrastructure. This includes the pod lifecycle, containers, resource management, deployment and StatefulSets.
Kubernetes networking
5 videos
27 mins
Things get a little more technical as we delve into Kubernetes networking. You’ll learn networking basics before diving further into CNI, pod to pod, node to node and container to container networking.
Kubernetes service
4 videos
39 mins
In this section you’ll learn about Kubernetes services and why they are vital for exposing applications running on your custers. Get to grips with ClusterIP, Nodeport and LoadBalancer.
Kubernetes volumes
11 videos
46 mins
Get a base understanding of volumes in our introduction chapter, before running through theory and demos for EmptyDir + HostPath, EmptyDir Volume, HostPath Volume, Remote Storage, and NFS PersistentVolumes.
Kubernetes config and security
8 videos
31 mins
In this section we’ll walk you through configuring and securing your Kubernetes cluster. With guides and demos we’ll cover ConfigMaps, Secrets, access control (RBAC, authentication), and more.

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