Machine Learning solutions
made simple

  • Fully managed, auto-scaling, ML development environments
  • No Kubernetes or machine learning expertise necessary
  • Industry-leading price point, starting from $250 a month
  • Fully integrated into the Civo cloud native ecosystem

Kubeflow as a Service

Fully managed ML platform
From $250 /month
  • Train your own models with access to a wide range of machine learning and AI tooling
  • Powerful CPU backed infrastructure provided by Civo
  • Build your model with native support for JupyterLab, Visual Studio Code, RStudio or bring your own container
  • Scale and manage your existing machine learning projects

Cloud GPUs

GPU-powered compute and Kubernetes
From $1,600 /month
  • Unleash the power of the NVIDIA A100 with 80GB HBM2e memory
  • Plug-and-play integration for effortless scaling from startup to hyperscale
  • No vendor lock-in and easy configuration for a seamless workflow
  • Complete cost transparency for optimized budgeting and fair access

How is Civo doing ML differently?

At Civo we're cloud-native first with everything we do - from our tech stack to our billing model. So we're paving the way for a more cost-effective and disruptive approach to machine learning.

  • Developer-centric

    We prioritize a developer-first approach, ensuring you have the best tools and environment to build and scale.

  • Open ecosystem

    We stand out by steering clear of proprietary tools. Instead, we're committed to fostering a vast, interoperable ecosystem.

  • Barrier-free adoption

    Our mission? To make machine learning accessible. We're breaking down barriers and lowering the cost of entry - especially for startups.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Civo ML?

Civo ML is a fully managed machine learning development environment built on open-source technology powered by Kubeflow. It's designed to help you leverage the scale of Civo compute for your machine learning and AI projects while reducing the necessary skills and costs associated with running high-performance workloads in the cloud.

We offer support for CPU and high-performance GPU compute, enabling customers to scale their machine learning and AI projects on Civo's infrastructure and providing seamless interoperability with popular tools and frameworks.

How secure is my data on Civo ML?

Civo ML prioritizes data security, leveraging the advanced cybersecurity capabilities of Your data is safeguarded with industry-standard encryption, continuous threat monitoring, and robust detection and response mechanisms. With features like 24/7 managed threat detection, vulnerability scanning, and endpoint protection from, Civo ensures top-tier data storage and access management practices.