CivoStack Enterprise for Private Cloud

An enterprise-ready software stack to power your own private cloud.
Built for security, performance, and scale.

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Introducing CivoStack Enterprise

An enterprise-ready software stack, CivoStack Enterprise is a truly future-proofed, modern private cloud solution that runs on your own hardware.

Built by Civo from the ground up, with rock-solid reliability, security, and massive scalability in mind.

On-Prem deployment

On-Prem deployment made easy

Worry-free on-premises deployment with a simple installation and configuration process, allowing you to manage your private cloud on your own hardware.

Guaranteed price commitment

Guaranteed price commitment

Always know what your bill will be with a 7-year guaranteed price commitment, and 12 months' notice on any changes thereafter.

Save up to 80%

Save up to 80% vs the competition

Civo does the cloud differently, and our pricing structure is no different. You'll find we're up to 80% more cost-effective than the well-known competition.

Your own fully-featured private cloud, designed for the future

CivoStack Enterprise is a future-proofed private cloud solution with all the tools and features you need now, with easy access to some you might need in the future. All backed up with 24x7 advanced support.

  • On-prem support (bring your own hardware)
  • Simple license model based on VRAM
  • Long-term commitment on pricing
  • Simple migration path: Free migration support
  • Support for multiple storage vendors
  • Live migration support for VMs
  • High availability deployment options
  • Multi-tenancy support
  • Windows / Linux support
  • Simple end user management UI
  • Hybrid cloud support: AWS, Azure, and GCP
  • Infrastructure-as-code tools: CLI, API, and Terraform
  • 24x7 Enterprise customer support
  • Native Kubernetes and GPU support

The cloud, your way

CivoStack Enterprise is cloud native by design, with support for Kubernetes, IaaS, PaaS, DBaaS, Object Storage, WASM, GPUs, and AI/ML. It's a fully comprehensive platform, offering a highly performant, resilient, and cost-effective path for all your cloud computing needs.

Migrate to CivoStack with ease

We've streamlined the process, whether you're coming from an ESXi server, uploading locally, or importing via a secured URL. If you're transitioning from VMware, you can effortlessly transfer your VMs with the Civo VMware Importer tool, offering simplified migration and 24x7 support.

CivoStack Enterprise Pricing

The CivoStack Enterprise pricing operates on a per GB vRAM model, the base bundle is inclusive of compute, network, and storage. Optional add ons are available, including Kubernetes, databases, and ML / AI capabilities.

CivoStack Enterprise Pricing
Price per GB vRAM (per month)
Compute, network and storage (Per GB vRAM) $3.50

Illustrative price for base bundle at 1TB: $3,500 per month

Volume discounts available on request. Contact us to find out how much you can save.


We also offer additional services you can add on at any time.

CivoStack Enterprise Addon Pricing
Price per GB vRAM (per month)
Managed Kubernetes $1.00
Managed Databases $10.00
Machine Learning $5.00

CivoStack Enterprise:
The VMware alternative

CivoStack Enterprise offers a powerful, cost-effective alternative to VMware, providing robust cloud-native features, high availability, and extensive support.

Achieve significant savings, simplify management, and ensure a seamless transition from VMware with our comprehensive migration tool.

  • Cost-Effective: Up to 80% cheaper than VMware by Broadcom.
  • Robust Support: 24x7 enterprise customer support.
  • Seamless Migration: Use the Civo VMware Importer for easy migration by importing VMs directly from ESXi, uploading a local VMDK file, or providing an HTTPS URL to the VMDK file.
  • Flexible Deployment: Support for on-premises and hybrid cloud environments, with compatibility for AWS, Azure, and GCP.
VMware alternative

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is CivoStack Enterprise?

CivoStack Enterprise is a software stack that enables a future-proofed private cloud solution that you install to your own hardware. Built for power and simplicity. It offers a highly performant, resilient, and cost-effective path for managing virtual machines at scale, with support for cloud-native technologies such as Kubernetes, serverless, managed databases and AI/ML.

How is CivoStack Enterprise a cost-effective alternative to VMware?

CivoStack Enterprise offers up to 80% cost savings compared to traditional VMware setups. It eliminates the need for expensive VMware licenses, provides a simple VRAM-based licensing model, and includes free migration support.

How does CivoStack Enterprise ensure reliability and efficiency?

CivoStack Enterprise ensures reliability and efficiency by leveraging KubeVirt, which utilizes KVM as the back-end hypervisor. Originally developed by Red Hat and now a part of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, KubeVirt offers a highly efficient and reliable alternative to traditional hypervisors, supported by proven technology.

What management tools does CivoStack Enterprise offer?

CivoStack Enterprise offers a centralized management dashboard with a web UI, allowing users to manage all infrastructure from a single location. This dashboard ensures ease of use and streamlined operations, and also provides billing information based on monthly usage, making it easy to track and manage expenses.

Does CivoStack Enterprise support live migration of virtual machines?

Yes, CivoStack Enterprise fully supports VM Live Migration for VMWare VMs between nodes on the same network, ensuring zero downtime and continuous service availability.

What kind of AI/ML support does CivoStack Enterprise provide?

CivoStack Enterprise includes numerous AI tools such as Kubeflow-as-a-Service, which is an end-to-end machine learning product. It also fully supports GPUs and offers multiple API-based models that can be consumed on a usage basis.

How does CivoStack Enterprise handle updates and maintenance?

CivoStack Enterprise handles updates and maintenance by providing a fully managed solution. Regardless of whether it is sold directly by Civo or through a reseller, MSP, or SI, Civo ensures that updates and security patches are seamlessly provided, reducing downtime and ensuring continuous operation.

What data services are supported by CivoStack Enterprise?

CivoStack Enterprise supports various data services, including managed databases such as MySQL and PostgreSQL. Additional messaging and queuing support will be available in future updates.