Load balancing made easy

Maximise availability and performance with our managed load balancing service

Network performance pushing right

Improve availability and performance

Our load balancers take care of the heavy lifting, giving you peace of mind that your applications are highly available and performant at all times.

Cloud with network connections

Kubernetes-ready out of the box

Optimized to work natively with Kubernetes. All options and settings can be configured directly within your cluster using annotations and labels.

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Easy set-up to get you started quickly

Get set up in seconds straight from your Civo dashboard. Or create load balancers programmatically with our API, CLI, or tools like Terraform.

Add a load balancer to your cluster for just $10 per month per 10,000 concurrent requests

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Free & unlimited data transfer

With no extra charge for data transfer, you can use as much data as your nodes allow with no surprise bills.

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TLS pass through

Manage your certificates your way. Use your existing certificates or easily install cert manager on your cluster from our marketplace.

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Available in all regions

Load balancer service is available in all our regions around the world. Easily launch via our API, CLI or web UI.

Additional features

  • Route incoming traffic from user-defined ports to multiple nodes
  • Configure active health checks as you need
  • Support for TCP, HTTP, and HTTPS traffic
  • Includes dedicated IP address
  • Max concurrent connections: 10,000