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Civo Ambassadors

Our ambassadors are figureheads in our community - always looking to share their knowledge and assist other Civo users whenever the opportunity arises.

They contribute to our ever-growing collection of educational resources, write about new features and announcements at Civo, and host talks and workshops that further the cloud native cause.

Our Ambassadors

Don't hesitate to contact an ambassador if you have a question about any cloud native services Civo offer.

Keith Hubner avatar

Keith Hubner

Integration Engineer (EMEA), Bitwarden
Over 20 years' experience in IT in both internal and customer facing roles across multiple sectors. When not rebooting stuff, Keith enjoys playing golf and the guitar.
Milind Chawre avatar

Milind Chawre

TomTom, Senior DevOps Engineer
Milind is a DevOps geek who is passionate about cloud native technologies and anything related to docker & Kubernetes. He enjoys building systems from scratch.
Steve Miller avatar

Steve Miller

Sr. DevOps Engineer, Tuition.io
Steve is a Devops practitioner who enjoys creating robust architectures. His hobbies include working on his tractor, as well as various electronics projects.
Nuno do Carmo avatar

Nuno do Carmo

SUSE Rancher, Tech Writer
Nuno is a Tech Writer at SUSE Rancher. He's also a Microsoft MVP and passionate about Cloud Native technologies. He is especially invested in bringing Cloud Native technologies to Windows and more specifically the Windows Subsystem for Linux.
Shawn Garrett avatar

Shawn Garrett

Sr. DevOps Systems Engineer, CoverMyMeds
Infrastructure background with an interest in life-long learning. Building hybrid clouds and always playing with raspberry pi's.
Philippe Charriere avatar

Philippe Charriere

Customer Success Engineer, GitLab
I'm working at GitLab as a Customer Success Engineer helping people with their GitLab adoption and usage. I love programming with JavaScript, GoLang and Java, and I'm taking my baby steps with Rust. My main playground is WebAssembly (mainly on the server side).
Marcus Noble avatar

Marcus Noble

Platform Engineer, Giant Swarm
Marcus is a platform engineer at Giant Swarm. His main area of focus in recent years has been around CI/CD, Kubernetes, containers and DevOps but originally started out as a web developer and JavaScript enthusiast.
Edidiong Asikpo avatar

Edidiong Asikpo

Senior Developer Advocate
Edidiong Asikpo is a Senior Developer Advocate based in Lagos, Nigeria. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge of DevOps through technical articles, videos, and social media.
Christian Lempa avatar

Christian Lempa

Tech content creator
Since 2020, Christian has been running the YouTube channel, The Digital Life, where they share detailed tech videos about their Home lab and tech projects with the aim of inspiring and educating people in tech.
Cortney Nickerson avatar

Cortney Nickerson

Developer Advocate at Monokle
Also known by her alias 'TechTalkingMom', is a developer advocate for Monokle by Kubeshop with a mission to build a thriving open-source ecosystem that generates next-generation Kubernetes projects and products.
Julia Furst Morgado avatar

Julia Furst Morgado

Global Technologist at Veeam Software
A globetrotting technologist at Veeam who is wildly passionate about Cloud Native technologies and DevOps with a mission to make Cloud and DevOps not just understood, but truly accessible to everyone.
Marino Wijay avatar

Marino Wijay

Developer & Platform Advocate at solo.io
A Canadian, traveler, international speaker, open source advocate for Service Mesh, Kubernetes, and Networking. Community building is his driving force; A modern Jedi Academy.
Matteo Bianchi avatar

Matteo Bianchi

Cloud Native Consultant
Matteo has been a self-taught coder since the age of 15. Started with websites he became a backend and fullstack engineer. He later embraced DevOps and Cloud. After a few years as dev he ventured into freelancing as Cloud Native Consultant, while digital nomading across Europe.
Shivay Lamba avatar

Shivay Lamba

Software Developer
Shivay Lamba is a software engineer specializing in Web Development, Machine Learning, and DevOps. He is also a Developer Relations Consultant helping various startups improve their developer experience. He is also an open-source contributor, maintainer, and mentor.
Eddie Jaoude avatar

Eddie Jaoude

DevRel as a Service
Open Source fullstack developer focusing on Javascript, Typescript and DevOps. Community builder, Content Creator, Public Speaker and GitHub Star.
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How to become a Civo Ambassador?

Whilst we may accept applications in the future, for now our ambassador program operates on an invite-only basis.

If you're keen to become an ambassador, the best place to start is joining us at Civo and becoming active in our community - we're always keen to recognise and reward contributors.

Find out more on how you can actively participate in the Civo community.

Ambassador perks

Not only will you get the recognition you deserve for being a figurehead in the Civo community, you'll also benefit from...

Early access Icon

Early access

Get early access to new feature launches, services and betas, before general availability. Have a direct influence on the Civo platform.

Exclusive swag Icon

Exclusive swag

Specially made ambassador swag, just for you! From stickers to hoodies, you'll get regular merch-drops available nowhere else.

Content promotion Icon

Content promotion

Collaboration is a two-way street! We'll will help promote your content, including PPC and sharing of Civo-featured guides and blogs.

Open-source sponsorship Icon

Open-source sponsorship

We support open source and want to help with projects you love. So we'll regularly donate to an open-source project of your choice.

Private Ambassador Slack Icon

Private Ambassador Slack

Access our private Slack channel and join the Civo team in discussing new features. Have a direct influence on our roadmap.

Free credits Icon

Free credits

Receive a complimentary $1000 Civo credit to kickstart your journey and kickstart your endeavours, be it for your projects, demonstrations, or other essential tasks.

Civo Navigate tickets Icon

Free Civo Navigate tickets

Benefit from complimentary Civo Navigate tickets and enjoy priority speaking opportunities at our events.

Why Civo is the
“most cost-efficient choice”

Find out how Marino and the Solo.io team make the most out of Civo Kubernetes with it's blazing fast speed for all their development and testing needs.

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Marino Wijay - DevRel, Solo.io
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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after 12 months?

We'll review your application for next year based on your contributions to Civo during the prior 12 months.

What if we require more than $1,000?

We will extend credit on a case-by-case basis.

What is the advantage of using Civo for my demos?

Cluster launch speed of under 90 seconds so you can set-up up as quickly as possible. Get the support you need from our team to ensure any live demos work without a hitch. Receive collaboration opportunities to promote your talks and demos. If something goes wrong during the live demo, it tends to be easier to start from scratch rather than trying to fix the resources. This is not possible if the cluster takes several minutes to create.

What size of clusters and resources can I use?

There are no restrictions on resources or types of nodes you can use within your cluster. As long as you stay within your $1,000 you are entitled to use whatever resources you require.

Can I use the credit for other usages outside of my demos?

The service is provided on trust and is intended for use for your demos both live and pre-recorded, but as long as you're helping promote Civo, then we are happy for you to use the credit for other Civo services that help you with your developer advocacy.

Would I get a permanent cluster that I can effectively keep around for demo use knowing it's “always ready”?

This is up to you, we would never delete anything without your permission or if you no longer were part of the initiative.