Cost-effective flexible alternative to VMware

Navigate the Broadcom takeover of VMware with CivoStack Enterprise. Offering a more affordable and adaptable virtualization and cloud platform.

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Introducing CivoStack Enterprise: The VMware alternative

CivoStack Enterprise is a VMware alternative, offering equivalent functionality with a straightforward, on-prem licensing model and a long-term commitment to predictable pricing.

On-prem deployment

CivoStack Enterprise is compatible with your hardware, making on-prem deployment quick and easy.

Guaranteed price commitment

With our long-term price commitment and transparent billing, you can rest assured knowing your cloud costs will be clear and predictable, without any surprises.

Save up to 80% vs Broadcom

We operate a simple VRAM consumption licensing model, saving you up to 80% vs the new Broadcom rates.

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A simple, cost-effective alternative to VMware

CivoStack Enterprise delivers cutting-edge features and tools, focusing on ease-of-use, smooth migration, and 24x7 advanced support.

  • On-prem support (bring your own hardware)
  • Up to 80% cheaper than Broadcom
  • Simple license model based on VRAM
  • Long term commitment on pricing
  • Simple migration path
  • Free migration support
  • Support for multiple storage vendors
  • Live migration support for VMs
  • High availability deployment options
  • Multi-tenancy support
  • Windows / Linux support
  • Simple end user management UI
  • Hybrid cloud support
  • Support for AWS, Azure, GCP
  • Infrastructure-as-code tools (CLI, API, Terraform)
  • 24x7 Enterprise customer support

Your cloud, future-proofed

CivoStack Enterprise is a cutting-edge, cloud native software stack with native support for Kubernetes, IaaS, PaaS, DBaaS, Object Storage, WASM, GPUs, and AI/ML. It’s the fully comprehensive, future-proofed platform for all your cloud computing requirements.