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Building your stack

We can advise you on the best architecture for your clusters and processes to be able to deploy your applications to Kubernetes. We'll discuss your requirements and build a plan that will fit your needs, for now and the future.

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Moving to cloud native

Many companies have their legacy infrastructure running on physical hardware or virtual machines, but aren't getting the benefits that a truly cloud native architecture can bring. After analysing your current platform, we can make recommendations and help adjust/migrate your systems to cloud native platforms.

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Production-ready review

You already have a cluster and you've some experience of using it - but is it truly ready to handle your future scale of traffic? Are there single points of failure, security issues or maybe just missed opportunities to make the best out of cloud native hosting? We'll help you polish up those rough edges.

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Training services

Maybe you've heard of Kubernetes, have a little experience with Docker and containers, and want to learn more - how do you go from almost zero to production? Our experts will come to you and deliver a custom training course to your requirements. We can cover basic architecture and introduction to Kubernetes, core components, installation and application deployment.

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Whether it's a production ready review or full stack deploy, let us find the right solution for you.

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