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About TrueFoundry

TrueFoundry is at the forefront of simplifying Machine Learning (ML) and Generative AI application development. Their service platform enables teams to build, experiment, and deploy ML models efficiently, often reserved for Big-Tech capabilities.

The problem

TrueFoundry needed a robust solution to provide their inbound customers with a managed Kubernetes cluster to deploy ML models seamlessly. High base costs and complex setups with other cloud providers hindered their ability to offer this essential service effectively.

Sustainability and a focus on climate friendly solutions were also high on the priority list for the TrueFoundary team.


TrueFoundry was in search of a cloud provider that could meet the following key objectives:

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Scalable Kubernetes Infrastructure

A foundation for TrueFoundry and its add-ons to facilitate ML model deployment.

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Cost-effective Scaling

An infrastructure that scales up or down based on usage without financial unpredictability.

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GPU Availability

To support the deployment of large language models (LLMs) and other intensive ML models.

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How Civo helped

Civo emerged as the cloud provider of choice for TrueFoundry, offering them a Kubernetes-powered platform that was not only cost-effective but also simplified the technical complexities associated with launching ML models. The integration of Civo's clusters into TrueFoundry's offering was pivotal, as it allowed for quick and seamless user onboarding.

Chinmay Singh of TrueFoundry expressed, “We were impressed with how Civo's services integrated effortlessly into our platform. Their APIs are user-friendly and their infrastructure costs are a fraction of the hyperscalers, which is crucial for a startup scaling as rapidly as ours.”

“The dedication and expertise of Civo's support team have been standout. They've been instrumental in helping us navigate any challenges”

Anuraag Gutgutia
Co-Founder, True Foundry
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The support received from Civo was not just technical but also strategic, providing TrueFoundry with the foundation to explore larger collaborations. "Our interactions with Civo went beyond solving technical issues; they were about building a roadmap for our future growth together," shared Singh.

”Anuraag Gutgutia, overseeing customer success, highlighted the value of Civo's support, "The dedication and expertise of Civo's support team have been standout. They've been instrumental in helping us navigate any challenges, always with a focus on our long-term success.”

The TrueFoundry team


The tangible outcomes of TrueFoundry's collaboration with Civo have been significant. Over a quarter, TrueFoundry has successfully launched more than 120 clusters, showcasing the scalability and reliability of Civo's services.

Srihari Radhakrishna, Senior ML Engineer at TrueFoundary, shared some insights into the performance improvements, "With Civo, we've seen a marked enhancement in deployment speeds and efficiency. This has not only improved our service delivery but has also played a crucial role in client conversion and retention."

The adoption of Civo clusters for production workloads by TrueFoundry's clients further solidifies the trust in Civo's capabilities. "Our clients opting to continue with Civo for their production environments speaks volumes. It underscores the performance and stability of the Civo platform," added Gutgutia.

The partnership with Civo has proved such a success, that it has paved the way for TrueFoundry to consider more strategic ventures, including a potential project to build cutting-edge, robust Machine Learning infrastructure, at low cost, for generative AI and MLusers.

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Products and tools used

TrueFoundry's deployment strategy leveraged Civo's offerings to fulfill their unique requirements:

Kubernetes Clusters

  • Facilitated onboarding and experimentation for TrueFoundry users, providing a scalable and cost-efficient environment.

Cloud GPU Support

  • Civo's infrastructure supported the demand for GPU resources, crucial for TrueFoundry's LLM offerings.

Customer Support and Documentation

  • Civo's responsive customer service and comprehensive documentation ensured a smooth operation for TrueFoundry's technical teams.
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