Civo isn't overwhelming, like some other cloud providers

Pulumi is an open-source infrastructure as code tool that enables you to create, deploy, and manage infrastructure on any cloud using your favorite languages.

David Flanagan, developer advocate at Pulumi, talked to us about how and why he uses Civo Kubernetes. "My favorite feature has to be the speed in which I can get the Kubernetes API. In 90 seconds or less, I can create a new cluster and start deploying my app and see what works and what doesn't".

David doesn't often use the Civo dashboard, preferring to use Civo's custom-built CLI to manage his resources: "The command-line client is pretty sweet and I also use Pulumi as much as possible to automate my infrastructure," he goes on, "The times I have used the dashboard, it is not overwhelming as some other cloud providers. You can see all the menus and sections you need, so it is relatively intuitive - again, not like some other providers".

We asked David for any final thoughts on Civo - he had this to say: "I would just encourage people to spin up their first cluster and just feel that smile come over your face as you get an API so quickly. It's just a wonderful experience".

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