How Civo compares to DigitalOcean and Linode

Upbound is a universal cloud platform that allows you to manage infrastructure, eliminate configuration drift, and empower developers with self-service. The open source distribution version, Crossplane, was donated to the CNCF 2021.

Viktor Farcic, Developer Advocate at Upbound explains why he uses Civo as his preferred platform of choice for development environments: “It's fast and cheap! Those are the two main things I like. I create clusters multiple times a day so it's great that it takes just a minute and a half to launch a cluster - no waiting involved”.

Viktor goes on to compare Civo to other Kubernetes providers: “When comparing to DigitalOcean and Linode I like that Civo is mostly focussed on Kubernetes. It's simply faster than they are”.

Viktor's advice to anyone looking to move to Civo? “It's easy, there is no obstacle. If you have a rudimentary understanding of how Kubernetes works you're up and running in literally minutes”.

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