How the Pyroscope team works faster with Civo Kubernetes

Pyroscope is an open source continuous profiling platform which helps developers debug performance issues in their code and save money on their cloud bills. Ryan Perry, CEO and co-founder, and the Pyroscope team use the Civo dashboard to set up test Kubernetes environments in seconds.

“Put most simply, we use Civo because it runs really quickly. Other providers have too many different configurations and options to even get started. Civo makes it so much simpler through the UI, plus adding applications via the Civo marketplace is really convenient".

Civo's support and community is also another big plus point when compared to other providers in the space, as Ryan explains: “In my experience Civo has been much smoother than other cloud providers I've worked with. Others throw you in at the deep end but Civo has a big and really responsive community.- whether you're on the Slack channel, submitting to the marketplace, or at Github”.

“When I get stuck or something is not working the way I expected, I know that with Civo I'm going to be able to figure it out really quickly”.

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