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About Krumware

Krumware is focused on helping companies build and operate better software. They have achieved this through their offerings of both functional and fractional support for platform engineering and applications development teams, alongside direct software development services.

With a primary focus on platform engineering and cloud native software development, Krumware has enabled teams to adopt trusted tools and practices while unlocking their own potential.

What was the problem?

As Krumware evolved, the company faced the challenge of finding a cloud provider that matched their need for simplicity, scalability, and cost-efficiency. They needed a partner that could provide robust managed Kubernetes services without the complexity or the prohibitive costs associated with many traditional cloud services.

During this stage, Krumware set three clear objectives that they required from a cloud provider:

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As a primarily cloud agnostic organization, Krumware needed an option that would work around their current infrastructure allowing them to operationalize Kubernetes effectively.

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Cost Reduction

Krumware required a cost-effective cloud provider to significantly lower operational costs without sacrificing functionality or performance.

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End users of Krumware needed to be able to run their own environments without any additional incidents, allowing for a scalable and reliable approach.

Production-ready Kubernetes, in seconds

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How did Civo help?

Krumware began using Civo due to the simplified developer experience, which they found was not possible through traditional hyperscalers. Civo provided a simplified environment for Krumware to perform tasks such as hosting databases in a managed server, hosting Kubeflow through the Kubeflow as a Service offering, and getting access to elastic block storage.

This allowed Civo to emerge as the solution that not only met but exceeded Krumware's objectives of simplicity, cost reduction, and reliability.

Collin Griffin, CEO of Krumware, said “Some of the things that we typically need to engineer and architect on our own, are already there out of the box with Civo and are tied tightly to the managed Kubernetes offering.”

Developers have been able to get their Kubernetes clusters up faster through the simplified management experience on Civo. This has meant that Krumware has been able to develop their overall strategy and retain a “solid foundation for managed Kubernetes services”.

Adopting Civo led to transformative results for Krumware such as:

  • Operational Efficiency

    The ease of deploying and managing Kubernetes clusters via Civo significantly boosted operational efficiency.

  • Cost Savings

    Krumware achieved an approximate 80% reduction in cloud spend, allowing resources to be allocated more effectively elsewhere.

  • Enhanced Service Delivery

    With around 80 nodes across multiple clusters, Krumware not only consolidated their infrastructure but also optimized service delivery, benefiting from Civo's reliable and cost-effective solutions.

“For us, Civo reduced our cloud spend by about 80% while increasing our operational efficiency... enabling our developers to focus more on innovation.”

Colin Griffin
CEO & Principal Engineer at Krumware
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Products and tools utilized

Since switching to Civo, Krumware has utilized the following Civo tools and products to aid their development.

Civo Kubernetes

  • Simplifies deployment and management of Kubernetes clusters, enabling focus on innovation.

Civo Marketplace

  • Offers pre-configured software for security, logging, and observability, enhancing Kubernetes environments.

SUSE Partnership Tools

  • Provides robust cloud application and infrastructure management solutions, optimizing Kubernetes operations.

Cloud-Agnostic Infrastructure

  • Supports flexible, scalable solutions across various environments, foundational for Krumware's services.
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