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About Codezero

Codezero is at the forefront of development innovation, offering an overlay network that seamlessly blends local machines with Kubernetes clusters. This enables developers to shape traffic, develop, and debug in real-time with colleagues across the globe. With a passionate team stationed in Vancouver, the Bay Area, and Melbourne, Codezero has dedicated four years to honing a product that simplifies the complexities of modern development environments. Utilizing Go and TypeScript, Codezero has transitioned from local setups in Minikube to leveraging the power of Kubernetes, driven by a mission to enhance developer collaboration and efficiency.

What was the problem?

Before discovering Civo, Codezero faced significant hurdles in replicating a true production environment on local machines. The use of Minikube and other cloud providers led to extended setup times, with clusters taking anywhere from 20 minutes to two hours to become operational, severely hampering development flow and productivity.

From this, Codezero recognized three core objectives that they required to help solve their ongoing challenges:

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Streamlined processes

Codezero wanted to focus on achieving quicker cluster setup times.

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Replicate Production Conditions

One of the core areas Codezero wanted to address was having a real experience of what it's like for software to run in production. This would enable developers to work in environments that closely mirror production settings.

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Developer Productivity

Codezero understood the importance of enhanced developer productivity as they sought to remove infrastructure wait times, one of the top three productivity killers for developers.

Production-ready Kubernetes, in seconds

Increase the productivity of your development teams with the Civo Kubernetes platform.

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How did Civo help?

Civo addressed these challenges head-on by providing Kubernetes clusters that could be set up in approximately 2 minutes. This breakthrough solution empowered Codezero to give every engineer a $100 budget a month for development against live Kubernetes clusters, fundamentally changing their development strategy.

The adoption of Civo's Kubernetes service led to a dramatic transformation in Codezero's development operations. Narayan Sainaney, Co-Founder & CTO at Codezero, spoke about the impact of setup times by saying, “With Civo, we were able to make sure that every developer was self-empowered.”

Codezero was able to completely shift how they were working, as they were no longer afraid of setting up new environments. They found that having real environments that are representative of where their software is going to natively run which is now part of their DNA. This agility has allowed Codezero to treat environments as "disposable objects," greatly enhancing efficiency and ensuring test cases remain valid.

“The ability to set up and tear down quickly means that they do tear it down. When infrastructure is very hard to set up, there's a tendency in organizations to leave environments running for a very long time... So, with Civo, we were able to ensure developers are not held back by infrastructure.”

Narayan Sainaney
Co-Founder & CTO at Codezero
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With ongoing learnings for the Codezero team, it is crucial that they are able to receive timely support to help solve problems and create solutions for the tasks they are working on. Through the exclusive Slack channel, Civo has been able to provide support and additional training on Kubernetes, by keeping Codezero up-to-date with the latest developments.

“Our experience with the Civo team has been spectacular… We're not even in the same time zone with half the team, yet we are able to get ahold of the team and get help either on the Discord or in the Slack channels very rapidly”

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Products and tools utilized

Since switching to Civo, Codezero has utilized the following Civo tools and products to aid their development.

Civo Kubernetes

  • The backbone of Codezero's development operations, providing rapid, ephemeral environments for testing and development.

Persistent Volumes and Compute

  • For storage and computing needs, enhancing the company's GitHub Runners and overall infrastructure capabilities.
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