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About Cloud Builders

With over a decade of expertise in cloud architecture and development, Cloud Builders offers specialized services for a range of cloud providers. Specializing in infrastructure as code, DevOps services, cloud migration, cloud development, and data analytics, the company is on a mission to deliver cost-effective and simple cloud solutions. The experienced team leverages cutting-edge technologies to meet both immediate and long-term business objectives, ensuring seamless operations and maximum efficiency for every client.

What was the problem?

The team at Cloud Builders faced a critical challenge: their clients were grappling with high cloud ownership costs and operational complexities. In their pursuit of a solution, simplicity, cost-effectiveness, and readily available support were non-negotiable requirements.

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Reduce Cloud Ownership Costs

Cloud Builders aimed to significantly lower the expenses associated with cloud services, making it more accessible for their clients.

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Simplify Operations

They focused on streamlining cloud infrastructure management to ensure that their clients can easily navigate their cloud environments.

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Access to Expert Support

Cloud Builders ensured that clients have direct access to knowledgeable support staff, ready to assist with optimal cloud solution deployment.

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How did Civo help?

Civo provided the ideal solution due to its simplicity and cost-efficiency. The ease of creating Kubernetes clusters and managing databases, along with the significant cost savings, almost 50% compared to other providers, addressed Cloud Builders' primary concerns. Moreover, the availability of Civo's expert support, including direct access to the team for consultations, played a pivotal role in their successful partnership.

Partnering with Civo enabled Cloud Builders to meet and exceed their objectives. The intuitive Civo interface and the reduction in cloud ownership costs have allowed their team to develop products swiftly, benefiting their clients significantly. The standout feature of their Civo experience has been the unparalleled support and the ease with which their team could adapt to and utilize the platform.

“Our experience with Civo has been fantastic. The best part is their availability. You just send a mail, and they're ready to address all your queries with a call. The response time is pretty good, and the help we receive is exactly what we need. They are there to support us at every stage, making our relationship with Civo very satisfactory and something we are happy to continue.”

Sudhir Singh
Co-founder of Cloud Builders
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Products and tools utilized

Since switching to Civo, Cloud Builders have utilized the following Civo tools and products to aid their development.

Civo Kubernetes

  • Cloud Builders deployed their customer's applications on Civo Kubernetes making it easy to create clusters and deploy applications.
  • Simplifies deployment and management of Kubernetes clusters, enabling focus on innovation.
  • Clusters can be created in a matter of minutes, with a lower cost compared to other cloud providers.

Civo Marketplace

  • The Civo Marketplace was particularly useful in helping Cloud Builders download third-party applications to their environment with a single click.

Database Management

  • Cloud Builders were able to create a PSQL Database on Civo using Civo CLI for specific client use cases, providing a powerful and scalable managed database service at an affordable price.

Civo Documentation

  • For any inquiries or uncertainties, Cloud Builders were able to refer to the Civo Documentation to learn more about Civo's product range and resolve any problems.
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