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Ricky Law  08 Oct, 2020

Civo Community Meetup #3: App Marketplace Focus w/ Steve Miller and Jürgen Etzlstorfer

This community meetup took a deeper look into how the Civo marketplace can improve your Kubernetes workflows.

Andy Jeffries  05 Oct, 2020

Tales from the ups and downs of running a cloud

Our first episode takes us back to the early days of launching Civo, where we had a fledgeling Ceph cluster with a bunch of SSDs in each. Those were darker times, in the early days of OpenStack.

David Fogle  08 Sep, 2020

From beta tester, to building the next-gen Civo platform

How I went from COVID-unemployed, to beta tester, to joining the Civo team building the next-gen k3s platform

Ricky Law  21 Aug, 2020

Announcing Ambassadors

We're excited to launch our new ambassadors program - created to recognise the most helpful and knowledgeable Civo community members.

Ricky Law  11 Aug, 2020

Civo Community Meetup #2: CI/CD focus w/ Sam Weston and Johannes Tegnér

In our second community meeting we focussed on all things CI/CD. Featuring talks from Andy and Kai at Civo, and community members Sam Weston and Johannes Tegnér.

Ricky Law  26 Jun, 2020

Civo Community Meetup #1 w/ Saiyam Pathak and Alistair Hey

The very first Civo Community Meetup is here! Episode #1 featured talks from Civo CTO Andy Jeffries and Developer Advocate Kai Hoffman, alongside Civo community members Saiyam Pathak and Alistair Hey.

Andy Jeffries  18 Jun, 2020

New command line client, back to Go!

Today we are officially announcing our new Go-based CLI. It's a smaller download, easier to install, quicker to run and has some cool features for easier integration in to your own scripts. There are lots of reasons behind why rewriting though...

Ricky Law  23 Apr, 2020

You’ve launched your first Kubernetes cluster, now what?

As Kubernetes continues to grow in popularity at a staggering rate, it’s only natural more and more people want to see what all the fuss is about. So if you're keen to get started with Kubernetes but are not sure what to try first, here are a few ideas.

Andy Jeffries  13 Mar, 2020

Why We Chose k3s to Power Our Kubernetes Service

This blog post is an adaptation of a talk I gave at Cloud Native Birmingham in the UK in February 2020. It details the advantages of k3s, a lightweight Kubernetes distribution we have deployed as part of a managed Kubernetes service.

Kai Hoffman  06 Feb, 2020

k3s Use Cases - How k3s Can Save You Time and Resources

We have made much of why we went with Rancher’s k3s to underpin Civo’s managed Kubernetes service but I wanted to take a bit of a deeper dive into k3s and why in particular it is a great technological choice