Traditional cloud solutions are typically bogged down by increasing costs, complex licensing, and vendor lock-in. From this, CivoStack Enterprise was developed as an innovative alternative that promises simplicity, speed, and exceptional value for money. Through this blog, we will take a look at the key aspects of CivoStack Enterprise and why it is the ideal choice for modern enterprises.

What is CivoStack Enterprise?

CivoStack Enterprise is an advanced cloud solution that supports a wide range of deployment options, from public clouds to private and edge environments, designed for high performance, robust security, and scalability. It allows you to easily manage your cloud infrastructure on your own hardware. Built from the ground up by Civo, this solution offers a reliable, cost-effective alternative to traditional cloud services, promising up to 80% savings compared to competitors.

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What are the advantages of CivoStack Enterprise?

Below, we have outlined four core benefits of CivoStack Enterprise and what it means for your business:

Benefit Description
Cost Efficiency With no hidden fees and a clear pricing model, businesses can manage their budgets more effectively.
Flexibility The platform supports a wide range of deployment options, from public clouds to private and edge environments, providing the flexibility to choose the best setup for your needs.
Simplicity The user-friendly interface and automation tools simplify the management of cloud resources, reducing the need for specialized expertise.
Open Standards By supporting open standards, CivoStack Enterprise eliminates vendor lock-in, giving businesses greater control over their infrastructure.

How does CivoStack Enterprise work?

While CivoStack Enterprise has a range of benefits, it is important to understand how it works. During a recent online webinar, Dinesh Majrekar (CTO at Civo) presented a technical overview of CivoStack Enterprise. This part of the webinar looked into its integration with Kubernetes, GPU support, advanced virtualization features, and how to migrate from VMware to CivoStack seamlessly.

You can watch this session here:

Want to know more about CivoStack Enterprise?

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