Alternative options to VMware: An introduction to CivoStack Enterprise

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w/ Dinesh Majrekar, Henry Godwin & Peter Seddon

Live: 26th June 2024 @ 09:00 & 17:00 UTC

With the acquisition of VMware by Broadcom, its new Broadcom Advantage Partner Program has created a divide among VCSP Partners. While a privileged few have secured coveted status, over 4,000 partners worldwide are grappling with uncertain futures.

This webinar will delve into the profound impact this has had on service providers and the ongoing challenges they face. Our panel will reveal strategies for sustainable growth, and provide an exclusive demonstration of CivoStack Enterprise: A VMware alternative, offering equivalent functionality with a straightforward, on-prem licensing model and a long-term commitment to predictable pricing.

What we'll be discussing:

  • Current CSP industry challenges and partner margin issues.
  • Broadcom's impact on margins and implications of 0.5% white labelling.
  • Strategies for federated partners: growth discounts and locked pricing.
  • Live demo of CivoStack Enterprise with customer call insights.
  • Preview of the CivoStack Enterprise roadmap and future developments.

Who will be speaking

  • Dinesh Majrekar - CTO, Civo
  • Henry Godwin - VP Global Sales, Civo (Former Senior Sales Director, VMware)
  • Peter Seddon - Senior Account Manager, Civo (Former Senior Account Executive, VMware)

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