Reduce your cloud spend

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w/ Mark Boost, Dinesh Majrekar & Saiyam Pathak

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Live: January 18th, 2023 @ 16:00 GMT
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In this session, Mark Boost, Dinesh Majrekar, and Saiyam Pathak, will be discussing the current state of the cloud industry and why costs are so high, how to take steps to reduce your spend, and looking at how Civo can help.

Mark Boost (CEO, Civo) - The cost of cloud:

In this talk Mark will look into the history and current state of the cloud industry to get to the bottom of why costs are so high, and what we can do about it.

Saiyam Pathak (Director of Innovation, Civo) - Reduce your spend at any cloud provider:

In this technical talk, Saiyam will demonstrate how you can reduce your cloud bill at any cloud provider, with actionable tips, tricks and recommendations for the best tools and apps.

Dinesh Majrekar (CTO, Civo) + Mark Boost - How Civo can help:

In the final part of our webinar, Dinesh and Mark look at how Civo does things differently to the big three cloud providers, and how we can save your businesses up to 75% on your monthly cloud spend.