Kubernetes management with Portainer and Civo

Saiyam Pathak avatar Adolfo Delorenzo avatar

w/ Saiyam Pathak & Adolfo Delorenzo

Recorded: 20th July 2022

For this meetup, we were joined by Portainer to look into how the container management platform can help simplify day-to-day Kubernetes management.

In this session, Saiyam Pathak, Director of Technical Evangelism at Civo discussed various Kubernetes dashboards that can be used to view the cluster and its related metrics and discussed the benefits of each. Saiyam also looked into the Kubernetes dashboard, Skooner, Headlamp, lens, and octant.

Adolfo Delorenzo, Sales Engineering Manager at Portainer, demoed the integration of Civo with Portainer, plus the Kubernetes management capabilities of Portainer. This talk covered the deployment and management of Civo Kubernetes with Portainer and the deployment of an application with Civo Kubernetes.