Multi-cluster management and observability with KubeSphere

Feynman Zhou avatar Kunal Kushwaha avatar

w/ Feynman Zhou, Felix Liu & Kunal Kushwaha

Recorded: 4th May 2022

We were joined by the team behind KubeSphere - a distributed operating system for cloud-native application management.

Feynman Zhou (Dev Advocate) and Felix Liu (Community Manager) from the KubeSphere team demonstrated how to manage multiple Kubernetes clusters and run multi-cluster applications with ease.

They looked at why multi-cluster management matters, getting set up with KubeSphere on Civo Kubernetes, and how to deploy apps across multiple clusters.

Kunal Kushwaha, Dev Advocate at Civo, walked us through the rich observability features of KubeSphere and how it integrates your favorite tools for multi-dimensional monitoring metrics, multi-tenant log query and collection, alerting, events, audit logs and notification.