Connecting and securing microservices with EnRoute

Chintan Thakker avatar Kunal Kushwaha avatar

w/ Chintan Thakker & Kunal Kushwaha

Recorded: 23rd February 2022

In this meetup, we welcomed Chintan, founder of Saaras Inc, and Kunal Kushwaha, developer advocate at Civo, to discuss how to connect and secure your microservices in one step.

Chintan's talk, “Connecting and Securing your Microservices in One Step using EnRoute Kubernetes Ingress API Gateway on Civo”, walks you through the architecture of EnRoute OneStep API Gateway and OneStep Configuration without YAML. He then went on to talk about securing with filters - L7 Rate Limits, Let's Encrypt Certificate, Lua Script, JWT Tokens and understanding configuration artefacts.

When deploying to Kubernetes, there can be scenarios where you would want to use your own TLS certificates for ingress rather than Let's Encrypt or another external provider. In his talk, “Setting up EnRoute Kubernetes Ingress with self-signed certificate”, Kunal showed you how to set up your own certificates.