GitOps with Argo and Crossplane

Anaïs Urlichs avatar Viktor Farcic avatar

w/ Anaïs Urlichs & Viktor Farcic

Recorded: 28th July 2021

The real power of Kubernetes lies in its universal control plane. New projects, such as Crossplane, are building on this feature to reimagine the use of Kubernetes beyond orchestrating containers.

Crossplane allows users to manage infrastructure as Kubernetes resources. This makes it possible to implement GitOps best practices not only for Kubernetes resources but also to manage infrastructure.

In this meetup Viktor Farcic and Anaïs Urlichs explored Crossplane through the Civo Crossplane Provider.

Viktor and Anaïs demonstrated how to create Civo Kubernetes clusters through the Civo Crossplane Provider, and looked at GitOps best practices to manage resources in Kubernetes, before finally providing an overview on how you can take GitOps deployments to the next level with ArgoCD.