Networking, security & observability with Cilium

Raymond de Jong avatar Kunal Kushwaha avatar

w/ Raymond de Jong & Kunal Kushwaha

Recorded: 30th March 2022

Raymond de Jong, Senior Solutions Architect at Isovalent, was our guest as we explored Cilium - a BPF powered open-source Cloud Native Networking solution, providing security, observability, scalability, and superior performance.

Civo's own Kunal Kushwaha also looked at using Cilium for network policy security on Civo Kubernetes.

Raymond's talk: Cilium - eBPF Powered Networking, Security & Observability

In this session, we discovered how Cilium with eBPF increases networking performance while providing identity and application-aware security and visibility for your cloud-native workloads. We also looked at Hubble; Cilium's fully distributed networking and security observability platform, and how eBPF enables deep visibility into the communication and behavior of services and networking infrastructure in a completely transparent manner.

Kunal's talk: Cilium network policy security tutorial on Civo

In this talk, we demonstrated how you can use Cilium as your preferred CNI when creating a cluster, and we deployed an application to test out various network policy security features such as identity-aware, HTTP-aware, and more.