K8s monitoring and observability with ContainIQ

Matthew Lenhard avatar Kai Hoffman avatar

w/ Matthew Lenhard & Kai Hoffman

Recorded: 8th June 2022

Matthew Lenhard, Co-founder & CTO of ContainIQ, joined us to discuss how to extract value from the Kubernetes events feed. These events can provide unique and clear insights into cluster health and performance, but how do you cut through the noise and better understand your environment?

In this webinar, he explained what Kubernetes events are, how to use them, and tools that can be used to get the most out of them.

Kai Hoffman, Developer Advocate at Civo, gave an introduction to cloud-native monitoring and observability.

Our applications and infrastructure provide us with vast amounts of data about their performance. To gain control over this amount of data, we must process it to be useful information. This information can offer you insights into where your application could be performing better, with more efficiency, or with fewer errors. Your insights can only be as good as the data you gather and how you organize it. More is not (always) better - this is where observability comes in.

This talk will introduce application monitoring and observability, which will equip you to dive deeper into the topic and explore the various tools available in the cloud-native landscape.