Navigating the Broadcom-VMware Takeover: Strategic Insights for Industry Leaders

A guide for VMware partners, customers, and cloud industry leaders

Navigating the Broadcom-VMware Takeover: A Strategic Guide

In November 2023, the IT and cloud computing landscapes were reshaped with Broadcom's acquisition of VMware for a staggering $69 billion. This strategic shift not only alters VMware's trajectory but also significantly impacts its partners, customers, and the broader cloud industry.

What's Inside?

  • Strategic Realignment: Understand the transition towards subscription-based models and what it means for VMware's future.
  • Customer Impact: Learn about the challenges and opportunities arising from the divestiture of the End-User Computing division and other pivotal changes.
  • Broader Implications: Discover how Broadcom's focus on top-tier clients affects the larger VMware community, potentially sidelining smaller customers and partners.
  • Vision for the Future: Gain insights into the potential for ongoing innovation through new business models and what these mean for the IT infrastructure landscape.

As we face these transformative changes, it's vital to adapt our strategies. I encourage you to delve deeper into these topics with our latest guide. For a tailored discussion on strategies that could benefit your organization, please reach out directly.

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