As AI models, particularly Large Language Models (LLMs), grow in size and complexity, their deployment becomes increasingly challenging. We invite you to join our upcoming online meetup, where you’ll gain valuable insights into scaling AI workloads with Kubernetes with Tsaco Knott, Shivay Lamba, and Kunal Kushwaha.

Civo Meetup: Scaling AI workloads with Kubernetes

What is new to Civo Marketplace?


Flagsmith is a feature flag tool that lets you manage features across web, mobile, and server-side applications. In our upcoming meetup, we will be going live with the Co-Founder at Flagsmith to discuss how Feature Flags and OpenFeature can level up your next project:

Civo Meetup: How Feature Flags and OpenFeature Can Level Up Your Next Project


Bitwarden is a software toolkit that helps developers build FIDO2 WebAuthn-based passkey features into websites and enterprise applications for seamless authentication flows. Test it out today on Civo Marketplace:

What’s new from Civo?

Alternative options to VMware: An introduction to CivoStack Enterprise

Last week, we went live with the CTO at Civo, Dinesh Majrekar, and VP of Global Sales, Henry Godwin, to discuss how CivoStack Enterprise can help you navigate the recent Broadcom-VMware changes. Watch the full recording back here:

A100 vs. L40s vs. H100 vs. H200 GH Superchips: A Comparison of NVIDIA’s Next-Gen GPUs

With Barry Ugochukwu, explore four of NVIDIA’s most advanced and highly-performant GPUs, looking into each of their key specifications, features, and performance, to evaluate how they stack up against each other on various benchmarks and metrics.

Read the full piece here.

Efficient Kubernetes Management with Project Sveltos

Understand how to use Project Sveltos with Udensi Fortune Arua, to manage and deploy add-ons across multiple clusters, offering centralized control and automation to enhance your Kubernetes experience.

Read the full piece here.

Integrating Cerbos with Civo Kubernetes for Cluster-Wide Authorization

Explore how to apply custom access control policies on Civo Kubernetes using Cerbos with Brisibe Wisdom Nemiye, as they leverage RBAC rules and custom policies to manage Kubernetes resources effectively.

Read the full piece here.

Join us at Navigate Europe 2024

In two months, we will be coming together in Berlin, Germany, for Civo Navigate! During this two-day event, we will put some of the biggest names in the tech industry on stage to speak about everything from machine learning to sustainability and the future of tech.

If you missed out on any Navigate announcements, here is a recap of everything that has happened leading up to the event:

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