Beyond Booleans: How Feature Flags and OpenFeature Can Level Up Your Next Project

Kunal Kushwaha avatar Kyle Johnson avatar Jonathan Norris avatar

w/ Kunal Kushwaha, Kyle Johnson & Jonathan Norris

Live: 17th July 2024 @ 17:00 GMT+1

Feature flags are more than just on/off switches! In this meetup, we will be exploring a variety of creative ways to use feature flags in your projects. From making safer deployments to running A/B tests and gradually rolling out features, you'll see how versatile and powerful feature flags can be.

We'll also introduce the OpenFeature standard, which makes implementing feature flags more streamlined than ever. Whether you're new to feature flags or looking to get more out of them, this session will provide practical insights and tips to help you take your projects to the next level.

What we'll be discussing:

  • Various innovative uses of feature flags beyond basic toggling
  • Optimal strategies for integrating feature flags into project workflows
  • Addressing common challenges and optimizing feature flag implementations
  • Live demo illustrating feature flag deployments in a real-world scenario


  • Kunal Kushwaha - Dev Rel Manager at Civo
  • Kyle Johnson - Flagsmith Co Founder and Lead Front End Developer
  • Jonathan Norris - Co-Founder and CTO at DevCycle