With Broadcom's acquisition of VMware, many partners are navigating uncertain futures.

Our webinar on June 26th will delve into these challenges and introduce CivoStack Enterprise as a powerful alternative. Gain exclusive insights from former VMWare employees, and learn about strategies for sustainable growth.

Alternative options to VMware: An introduction to CivoStack Enterprise

If you want more information on navigating the Broadcom-VMware takeover with strategic insights, check out our strategic guide for VMware partners, customers, and cloud industry leaders here.

What’s new from Civo?

Introducing Civo's UK Sovereign Cloud

With more organizations seeking a cloud solution that not only offers advanced technological capabilities but also guarantees data compliance with local laws, we have introduced our UK Sovereign Cloud. Want to know more about our new offering? Click here.

Introducing Civo's UK Sovereign Cloud

London’s new tech space: Civo Tech Junction

Last month we revealed London’s premier tech space, for working, networking, and events: Civo Tech Junction.

London’s new tech space: Civo Tech Junction

Through Civo Tech Junction, we aim to support the local tech community by providing a collaborative workspace that hosts tech-related events. If you want to learn more about this new space, click here.

Our latest tutorials

Security Benchmarking with Kube-Bench

Explore how to use kube-bench to perform CIS Kubernetes benchmarks through this tutorial from Jubril Oyetunji, who takes you through all the steps needed to secure your Kubernetes cluster.

Read the full tutorial here.

Load Testing with K6

Understand how to use software under high traffic with Jubril Oyetunji in this tutorial on using K6 to enable users to write HTTP and GRPC APIs using supported programming languages.

Read the full tutorial here.

Join us at Navigate Europe 2024

In three months, we will be coming together in Berlin, Germany, for Civo Navigate! During this two-day event, we will put some of the biggest names in the tech industry on stage to speak about everything from machine learning to sustainability and the future of tech.

If you missed out on any Navigate announcements, here is a recap of everything that has happened leading up to the event:

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