Unifi Controller

To allow for persistant storage, this application has a dependency on Longhorn and therefore you will require a minimum or 3 nodes.

Usage instructions

You will need the following ports setup to access the UI and also allow your devices to contact the cloud controller:

UDP 3478 Port used for STUN. TCP 8080 Port used for device and controller communication. TCP 8443 Port used for controller GUI/API as seen in a web browser TCP 8880 Port used for HTTP portal redirection. TCP 8843 Port used for HTTPS portal redirection. TCP 6789 Port used for UniFi mobile speed test.

NOTE: These ports need to be open at the gateway/firewall as well as on the controller host. This would be achieved by creating port forwards on the gateway/firewall where the controller host is located.

Although you can access the UI using port forwarding, you will only get so far through the setup. You are better to setup an ingress controller (available in the marketplace) to access port 8843.