We would like to watch if some change happens in ConfigMap and/or Secret; then perform a rolling upgrade on relevant DeploymentConfig, Deployment, Daemonset, Statefulset and Rollout


Reloader can watch changes in ConfigMap and Secret and do rolling upgrades on Pods with their associated DeploymentConfigs, Deployments, Daemonsets Statefulsets and Rollouts.

How to use Reloader

For a Deployment called foo have a ConfigMap called foo-configmap or Secret called foo-secret or both. Then add your annotation (by default to main metadata of your Deployment

kind: Deployment
  annotations: "true"
  template: metadata:

This will discover deploymentconfigs/deployments/daemonsets/statefulset/rollouts automatically where foo-configmap or foo-secret is being used either via environment variable or from volume mount. And it will perform rolling upgrade on related pods when foo-configmap or foo-secretare updated.

More details

See for more details on Reloader