This marketplace application installs three components of the Tekton Suite. Those are the core Pipeline, along with Triggers and the Dashboard.

Usage Instructions

Dashboard Access

By default external access to the Tekton Dashboard isn't available. As there is no built-in authentication method, it should not be exposed via an Ingress without additional authentication methods in place. To easily and securely access the dashboard, use port forwarding, which will make the dashboard available at http://localhost:9097

kubectl --namespace tekton-pipelines port-forward svc/tekton-dashboard 9097:9097

Exposing Trigger EventListeners

Incoming triggers can be exposed through an Ingress. The core instructions can be used with the following modifications:

  1. Skip step one under "Using Nginx Ingress", as the Traefik ingress should work
  2. Obtain the event-lister with a kubectl get el <EVENTLISTENR_NAME> -o=jsonpath='{.status.configuration.generatedName}' command
  3. With the service name, create an ingress as below: yaml apiVersion: extensions/v1beta1 kind: Ingress metadata: name: ingress-resource namespace: getting-started spec: rules: - http: host: eventlistenername.your-cluster-id.k8s.civo.com paths: - path: / backend: serviceName: getting-started-listener-b8rqz # REPLACE WITH YOUR SERVICE NAME FROM STEP 2 servicePort: 8080

This will open up http://eventlistenername.YOURCLUSTERID.k8s.civo.com to trigger the service. Ensure your event-listener has the necessary interceptor configuration in place to prevent unauthorized triggering of the pipeline.