KubeVela is a modern software delivery control plane. The goal is to make deploying and operating applications across today's hybrid, multi-cloud environments easier, faster and more reliable. KubeVela is a CNCF project. Welcome onboard and sail Vela!

Quick Start

VelaUX is enabled by default as a dashboard to helps you get started with KubeVela quickly. It provides end-to-end application delivery and management experience.

You can access the VelaUX dashboard using the following command:

The default username is admin and the password is VelaUX12345.

kubectl port-forward svc/velaux -n vela-system 9082:80

Please must set and remember the new password after the first login.

Install Vela CLI

Vela CLI is a command line tool for KubeVela. It provides a set of commands to help you manage your applications. Download and install the latest vela CLI in your local machine:

curl -fsSl https://kubevela.net/script/install.sh | bash

Using KubeVela

KubeVela using a unified model to describe the application. To get started:

  1. Deploy your first application with either CLI or VelaUX.
  2. Get more familiar with Application delivery model


If you need help, welcome to the community to ask questions. Or open an issue in GitHub