FerretDB is an open-source database, providing a viable alternative to MongoDB, and is built on top of PostgreSQL.

External access

By default, external access to the FerretDB port isn't available. This could be changed by applying the following YAML to your cluster with kubectl apply -f ferretdb-service.yaml (or whatever you call the file containing the contents below) which will launch a Civo Load Balancer (at an additional charge):

apiVersion: v1
kind: Service
  name: ferretdb-service
  type: LoadBalancer
    - port: 27017
      targetPort: 27017
      protocol: TCP
    app: ferretdb

This will open up YOUR_CLUSTER_ID.k8s.civo.com:27017 to the whole world. You should lock this down in the firewall automatically created in Civo for your Kubernetes cluster. Locking down the firewall will only affect access from OUTSIDE of your Kubernetes cluster, access from your applications within Kubernetes will not be affected.

Here a tutorial on How to Installing FerretDB through the Civo Marketplace.