Welcome to Atmo, the best way to run cloud native WebAssembly.

To deploy your application once Atmo is running in your cluster, use subo and kubectl.

First, build your application bundle:

> subo build .

Then, get Atmo's pod name:

> kubectl get pods -n suborbital
NAME                               READY   STATUS        RESTARTS   AGE
atmo-deployment-5fc58b5647-f7rlm   1/1     Running       0          10s

Finally, upload the bundle (make sure to use the correct pod name):

> kubectl cp ./ atmo-deployment-5fc58b5647-f7rlm:/home/atmo/ -n suborbital

Atmo will check once per second for a bundle file, and start up once one is found.

Deploying updates

Deploying updated bundles automatically is not currently supported, as it is a complicated process which requires using kubectl exec to delete the bundle file, upload a new bundle, and restart the pod.