By developers, for developers

Civo is a community-driven cloud platform, aimed squarely at developers. If you want it, we’ll build it – your vision shapes what we deliver.

Ready-to-launch apps with Civo cloud servers


We’ve pre-configured a range of operating systems, ready for you to launch at the click of a button.

Full API with Civo cloud servers

Full API

We've built a lovely clean REST API over all of the myriad of OpenStack APIs. We use the same API to manage our system too.

Bandwidth with Civo cloud servers

Bandwidth pooling

We always commit to letting you use your total bandwidth allowance spread over your entire cloud. Only pay for what you use.

Mobile-friendly control panel with Civo cloud servers


Control your cloud tech from wherever you are, on any device with our mobile-optimised dashboard.

Real private network with Civo cloud servers

Real private network

Our customers get a true private network with a full Class C internal IP range (and more than one if you require).

Custom firewalls with Civo cloud servers

Custom firewalls

Effortlessly configure your own custom firewall settings, using OpenStack's security groups, straight from your dashboard.

Automatic DDoS protection

DDoS Protection

Automatic free protection against terabit+ DDoS attacks using machine learning, in the event of an attack filtering out bad traffic.

VPN with Civo cloud servers

Load balancer

If you have multiple instances, we also offer a load balancer to let you have a single IP address to balance the requests.

Teams with Civo cloud servers

Teams (post-beta)

We’re all about collaborative working – if you’ve got multiple developers working on your projects, add them to your Civo Team.

Some of the best cloud instances available

Our UK cloud uses the latest hardware from major vendors combined with a blazing fast 10GbE network.

  • Dell-powered equipment with Cloud cloud servers
  • Intel-powered equipment with Civo cloud servers
  • Samsung-powered equipment with Civo cloud servers

The most flexible cloud service going…

Think we’re missing a trick? If there's a feature you'd like, just submit it within the suggestions section of your dashboard – we're always working to deliver what our users actually want. If you need an Instance size we don't offer, just ask and we’ll do our best to match your requirements…

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Civo is built with

  • Civo cloud servers are built with Ruby on Rails
  • Civo cloud servers are built with Go
  • Civo cloud servers are built with OpenStack

And one of the most reliable too!

Our resilient architecture runs in full high-availability, with no single points of failure. Plus we always have spare capacity for expansion or to mitigate any hardware problems.

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Sound interesting?

Get £150 credit to test-drive one of the most exciting Cloud platforms in the UK, and help shape the future of Civo.

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