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Managed Kubernetes built for speed and simplicity. From just $4 a month.

Launch in under 90 seconds

Free control plane

Simplified billing, with no surprise bills

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A better developer experience

Civo Kubernetes makes it easy to build and manage your applications

Incredible launch times

With Civo Kubernetes a cluster is up and running in under 90 seconds, enabling you focus more time on building cool stuff and less time waiting around.

Flexible automation tools

Choose your preferred way of managing your clusters, using your favourite tools like Terraform and Pulumi, or our simple to use CLI or API.

Developer-focused apps

Quickly deploy popular apps directly to your clusters. Choose from 40+ apps including databases, CI/CD, monitoring, security and more.

High availability as standard

We make managing Kubernetes easier. We handle the control plane to ensure you have highly available clusters at all times.

Multi-region support

Choose from our ever growing list of locations in Europe and the US. With Asia soon to follow, and many more to be announced in 2021.

Simple node management

Quickly and easily resize your clusters so that you can increase or decrease the amount of nodes as and when you need to.

Launch Kubernetes
in seconds

With K3s under the hood, powered by the latest hardware, you can get your Kubernetes environment up and running in under 90 seconds.

Last cluster build time

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  • 45s
  • 90s

Manage your clusters with ease

Get full control over your Kubernetes environment with our APi and CLI, or use our custom-built control panel

Make Kubernetes work for you, not slow you down

Civo comes with everything you need for your fastest Kubernetes workflow.

Automation tools

Effortlessly automate your builds to stay on spec and ensure repeatability, with Infrastructure as Code tools such as Pulumi and the Civo Terraform provider at your fingertips.

Terraform & Pulumi logos in lofi browser windows
CI/CD Pipeline lofi image


Confidently push your code to production faster, speed up release cycles, and avoid deployment-time outages. Use Github and Gitlab actions to better manage your development cycle.

Support when you need it

If you get stuck, help is never far away. We have tonnes of tutorials and documentation, and the Civo team and community are always on hand in our bustling Slack workspace.

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