Fast and secure
Kubernetes at the edge

Purpose-built Kubernetes hosted infrastructure, designed for the edge

  • Optimized for maximum security, compliance and low latency
  • Powered by CivoStack software for the fastest Kubernetes experience
  • Supported by the same team who run the Civo cloud at scale worldwide

Your own private deployment of Kubernetes

All of the benefits of Civo Kubernetes, but with your own private edge deployment.

Get the security and flexibility of your own private Kubernetes infrastructure, but with the same powerful and simple tools that Civo uses to run its public cloud service.

To meet the demands of modern tech, more and more businesses are deploying services privately, often for security, compliance, data residency reasons, or the need for lower latency.

Edge by Civo provides a highly resilient and scalable Kubernetes platform, ready to deploy at the edge, offering the peace of mind of having your own dedicated, fully managed infrastructure, with the added benefit of CivoStack - our custom built software stack optimized for running Kubernetes at Edge.

Cloud with network nodes coming out of it

Kubernetes the CivoStack way

Managing your software and operations at the edge can be a challenge, especially when Kubernetes is required.

Edge, by Civo simplifies this process by using CivoStack: Our own custom-built software stack designed for hosting and maintaining Kubernetes at scale, with a focus on simplicity, security and the very best developer experience.

Your team can easily manage and interact with Kubernetes using Civo's web interface, API, CLI and industry-standard automation tools, such Terraform, Pulumi and Crossplane.

CivoStack Benefits

  • CNCF fully conformant Kubernetes platform
  • Built with security in mind
  • Engineered for maximum performance and reliability
  • Less than 90 seconds to provision a cluster
  • Access to popular automation tools
  • 80+ open source apps available via the Civo marketplace
  • Optionally deploy standard VMs if required

Fully-managed infrastructure, customized for you

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Turnkey, fully scalable infrastructure installed at the edge, designed to your specific requirements.

Using the best available hardware, including Intel Xeon Gold processors, Samsung NVMe storage, and a 100G network. Civo-managed infrastructure with CivoStack is a bespoke platform designed to exceed the demands of any enterprise running Kubernetes at scale.

Complete with enterprise support, including instant access to Civo engineers via Slack Connect and industry-leading SLAs.

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We're always happy to demo our platform to show you how CivoStack can power your enterprise business.

Why Civo is the
“most cost-efficient choice”

Find out how Marino and the team make the most out of Civo Kubernetes with it's blazing fast speed for all their development and testing needs.

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