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A Civo white paper into the challenges and opportunities of Kubernetes in 2021

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Conclusion – Why we built Civo


At Civo we believe in developers. We firmly believe that for Kubernetes to succeed, it needs to evolve and address lingering concerns that hold back wider adoption. A key route to doing so, in our opinion, is to simplify Kubernetes for developers of all levels.

Complexity is clearly the enemy of the good for developers – they want to spend less time worrying about deploying containers and more time building applications that can deliver tangible value to the business.

These concerns are compounded in some cases by fears about a steep learning curve – a perception that may put off businesses from upskilling IT teams to utilise Kubernetes technology.

There are, however, plenty of reasons for optimism.

K3s has been a gamechanger for our industry and it is already redefining what is possible in container orchestration for millions of users.

Civo was quick to see the potential in K3s. After two years of development, in May 2021 we launched our managed Kubernetes platform to early adopters. It is the world’s first production ready, cloud native K3s managed platform. Developers no longer have to worry about time lost spinning up clusters. To the best of our knowledge, in terms of cluster deployments, we’re the fastest Kubernetes service provider - with a fully usable cluster deploying in under 90 seconds.

The other issue we have sought to address at Civo is cost. We think developers have not been well served by the hyperscalers who dominate the market today. Indeed, our survey found that 47% reported issues working out how much cloud providers charge for containers each month.

Similarly, 47% of developers reported they have even faced surprise bills from a cloud hosting provider.

As the first pure play cloud native service provider, we aim to demystify pricing and make chargeable services more transparent for users, with simplified pricing plans from just $5 per month.

Civo CEO Mark Boost and Director of Innovation Dinesh Majekar discuss how Civo uses Kubernetes, the pain points and frustrations developers can encounter with Kubernetes, and how Civo looks to solve these problems.

We believe in the innovative possibilities of open-source containerization technology and we can’t wait to see where Kubernetes goes next. For users keen to begin their journey, our new Academy initiative provides a comprehensive set of guides and video tutorials to learn all you need to know about Kubernetes. And if you are keen to get started with Kubernetes, we would love to welcome you into the Civo community.

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