Is serverless the future?

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    I'm interested in hearing our community's thoughts on serverless and how you see it changing application design. Could you see a future where the majority of applications become serverless?

    From a developers perspective of course, as naturally apps will always be sitting on tin in some data centre somewhere!

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    So in my day job we are currently working on moving our site from a more traditional vps cloud provider to another provider with many other options (not limited to VPS). The new providor has several options for serverless including kubernetes, containers, and functions so in the process of moving we are deciding if some parts of our monolith could be broken out into some of the serverless options.

    In respect to this move we do see alot of our application being able to be moved into serverless (quite a few bits already have) which means we would no longer have to manage 30+ vps servers and deployments are generally much quicker. Severless method wise we see alot of our applications being able to run in containers which scale up to where we need it to be during high load (christmas and black friday) and then down to 0 when nothing is being used and ony having to pay for what we need during the year.

    From this I could see a alot of applications being run on serverless in the future as having the ability to code a portion of an application and deploy to any of your environments in 30-60 seconds and have all of the ops and maintenance of the server done by someone else is very attractive. The cost savings of site that have peak usage at specific times of year (e-commerce) would also find it very attractive.

    From me being a dev point of view I have quite liked it so far :) being able to mostly focus on the code as opposed to also having to manage the servers (we are quite a small team)

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