ComputerWeekly reported on everything that went down at the European leg of this year's Civo Navigate event, which was held in London. CEO of Civo, Mark Boost, welcomed attendees with his opening remarks sharing information on the venue for the event.

“Essentially we are a cloud provider, rather like AWS, GCP and Azure – but we’re cheaper and faster than the major hyperscalers. We believe that we should back the best of open source rather than focus on any level of proprietary technology that inevitably leads to lock-in for customers,” said Boost.

He also detailed the plans of the event, which included 50+ speakers, 12+ workshops, and 3 amazing keynote speakers, Nick Caldwell (former General Manager at Twitter), Marty Weiner (former CTO of Reddit), and Kelsey Hightower (former Distinguished Engineer at Google and a Kubernetes pioneer).

This article explored the Keynote session given on Day 1 by Nick Caldwell and Marty Weiner by saying:

Weiner & Caldwall presented a session on how to build company roadmaps and mission statements. Looking at how to deliver an emerging company idea covering everything from User eXperience (UX) quality to content and personalisation, the paid looked at timelines for development and looked onward to quality and perfecting delivery of products and services for the longer term.

“Direction can change in an instant, but destination should take time,” said Weiner, eluding to the way organisations should think about the way they build, evolve and grow.

Civo’s partnership with Deep Green

Mark also elaborated on Civo’s new partnership with Deep Green in a joint effort to create carbon-neutral cloud services. This is possible thanks to a piece of technology called a “digital boiler,” where deep green would encase computer systems in mineral oil, which would then, in turn, collect the heat being created by the computer system and then transfer it via a heat exchanger to heat the water which can then be used.

“Deep Green’s solution reduces energy bills and environmental costs for organizations that require significant amounts of heat, such as swimming pools, food manufacturers and textile firms amongst many,” said Mark Bjornsgaard, CEO of Deep Green

Read more on this latest announcement here.

Civo’s partnership with Codezero

Another partnership was announced, however, this time with Codezero, a tool that allows users to spin up a cluster and then debug and test within simulated collaborative environments, creating new levels of visibility and interaction in a method they call “Omni-Dev.”

Codezero released the public beta of its 2.0 version with the intention of powering developments of higher-quality code with fewer bugs and breaches. As part of the announcement, attendees of Civo Navigate got the opportunity to try it first in the flesh, thanks to a live workshop showing how to take advantage of it.

“We’re proud to join our incredible partners at Civo in extending an invitation to the cloud-native software development community to change the way they work, forever,” said Reed Clayton, Codezero co-founder and CEO

“Simply put, we make it possible for large teams to get ‘back into garage startup mode’ where they write, test and deploy quickly – together. That’s the dream that, until today, has been like an alternate reality. We set out to fundamentally fix the broken development process for developer teams across the world, and we think we’ve done just that.”

Final thoughts

The ComputerWeekly article went on to say:

“[Civos] ambitions are lofty, and its British-born status and pedigree is, of course, a positive for those of us that remain in what’s left of the United Kingdom”

The next dates and venue for Navigate North America 2024 were announced at the event, and you can find out more through these links: